Toxic Crusaders

Brief Cartoon, not just for Troma Fans.
August 01, 2008

Toxic Crusaders was Lloyd Kaufman's attempt to recreate
The fame of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sadly it wasn't accomplished; most people thought it was a total failure. But to people who have fond memory of watching the cartoon, reading the comic books, and trade around
The trading cards would like to think differently.

First off The Cartoon.

The Cartoon is probably what most people most remembered.Toxic Crusaders premered on Fox morning cartoons in early 1991. The premise of the show is just like the films but they were changed for kid audiance. The plot is about Melvin Junko who works at a gym, snobby people play a trick on him and he falls into a barrel of toxic waste and goes through three changes until he changes into The Toxie Avenger.

Few Changes are made from the Movie to Cartoon.
Like his girlfriend isnt blind, she just cant find her
contacts. And Toxie's mop moves as if it were a dog
signaling him where mischief is. And The Apocolyspe Inc.
head isnt the devil his name is Dr. killemoff.

Also The Toxic Avenger had sidekicks as well.

NoZone - A former Pilot who accidently flew through
a hole in the ozone layer and crashed into a silo of
radioactive pepper, Known for his powerful sneezes.

Major Disaster - A Military man with the ability to
control plants,Getting the power after falling into a
radioactive swamp.

Headbanger - The Fusion of two opposite people, one
of a mad scientist and the other of a surfer dude.

Junkyard - a hobo who took shelter in a kennel with a dog which was covered in toxic waste and struck by lightening .

Next I'll talk about The Video Game.

In the Video Game you played different levels fighting off differet villians with your mop. It was fun, very cool
if you were a fan of the cartoon. But the only thing about the video game is it wasn't long enough, only six
levels of cool action and tongue-in cheek humor.

Also With the Video game you had the action figures.
which were really cool to play with or keep them in
the original packaging for collectors item.

And The Last two things are the Trading Cards and Comic books.

Trading Cards Were cool for a while until one of your
brothers spills food on them, then it's another hour and
half of trying to remove the food without staining them horribly. But you did get 8 cards and one hologram.

Now the Comic Book. out of the action figures,trading
cards. I Loved The Comic Book, Still have the first issue
in mint condition.

The comic was just like the cartoon. Same story, charactors and villians. Awesome for a comic collector
like myself.

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