Aliens Movies Ruled Part 2

The 3rd and 4th movies and some AVP
January 11, 2010
Sorry it took so long for part 2!! Damn those holidays! I wrote this wicked fast too so sorry if there are spelling errors.... here we go!!!

After the Alien and Aliens movies comes Alien 3. This movie is the black sheep of the Alien movies. Why? Well first off everyone from the previous movies, dies in the first five minutes of this one! Hicks and Newt die when their cryo tubes crash land on a prison planet and Bishop is hopeless smashed beyond repair! The planet is run by born again inmates who are all guys. They might as well call this planet the Intergalactic House of Sausage. The movie has a strange dark religious feel to it. Needless to say, Ripley is alive and OK..... or is she?

I'd Still ask her out

Despite an eye infection and the fact she has to shave her head, due to the growing lice issue, Ripley seems OK. She gets a little shaken up once she finds out that Hicks and Newt are dead, but I think we all were. Hicks rocked ass, sucks he died. This movie has a different kind of Chest Buster which is pretty cool. This time it comes from a dog, showing that these aliens can come from anyway (check out the deleted scenes if you ever rent this; it comes from a cow instead of a dog). This movie takes a while to pick up, after the alien chest buster you don't see it to much more till it starts to pick off prisoners one at time.

Unfortunately for the inmates, they have no weapons to fight the alien with so they have to try and lay traps down to catch the beast. Every time they do, the alien seems to be one step a head of them and totally ruins their plans. Later they come to find out that dog alien will not hurt or kill Ripley. This is because there is an alien queen inside of Ripley( DUN DUN DUN!) the company learns about this and sends a rescue to collect her(thus being the plot for part four later down the road). But Ripley thinks other wise. She convinces the other inmates that the company is coming to get the alien and her for study reasons and not to save them. So they con cock this plan to lock it in the lead containers and burn the SOB to death. this part is pretty cool. They run around in these tunnels and the alien just cuts guys up left and right.

In the end, Ripley has to make a choice to return with the rescue team or end it all. I think she does the right thing by jumping into the pit of fire at the end of the movies because I just don't trust that Bishop human either.


Hell no i don't trust him

I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty upset when she jumped, but she died like a true hero.This WAS a good way to end the Alien Saga because that was it, no more queens or face hugers and the alien ship was destroyed at the end of the second movie. After her heroic demise, the team packs up and heads home empty handed, accept for Morse who is the only survivor.

.... just when we thought it was over...

Now comes Alien Resurrection. This movie had a few good twists and turns but i think its the weakest one of the four.. A group of military scientist have cloned Rilpey after she died on the prison planet. The only reason they need her cells is because they want the alien queen that is inside of her. They wanna clone that alien for study and all that jazz. Once they get the queen, they keep Ripley alive and run tests on her. She doesn't test so well....Now, they need hosts for the queens eggs. The Military hires a group of space pirates to high jack a random ship and bring the crew to them to become hosts.I"m not gonna even explain this crew, just think of the hippie kids from the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre... ya that's pretty much it , even the wheelchair kid too.

In this movie, the aliens start to learn simple commands and escape and run a muck. Ripley is a little nutty in this one because shes kinda half alien. once the army guys are all whipped out, the remaining crew of the Betty (the space pirates) have to escape. A cool scene is when they discover all the failed Ripley Clones.
After loosing a few members and trying to escape the ship before it explodes, Ripley comes face to face with the alien queen again.. or in this case her sister because she was cloned from Ripley. This time the queen doesn't do eggs and face hugers; she does live birth! which she inherited from Ripley.

I would hate to be her gynecologist.
There is a strange twist to this movie and it did freak me out.....

This might be off topic.. but why were there so many alien/human love scenes??? ewwhh ahh...... wow...

Anyway, so after the Queen gives birth to this alien human looking thing, it turns around and smacks the shˆt outta the queen; or its mother, if you will. Then it makes a break for Ripley. You feel kinda bad for this freak of natural cause it has these puppy dog eyes. once Ripley escapes the beast she makes it back to the ship safe and sound.... until the alien human gets aboard. The way they kill this thing is totally F@#$%d up. it gets sucked threw a hole in the glass and out into space and it makes this god awful sound before it dies...o and has one more love moment with Ripley. The Betty then lands on a desecrated looking earth just as the sun rises.... The End... for now at least....

So in conclusion, minus the odd ball alien loves scenes in Resurrection, i give the alien movies 4 outta 5 stars. And i will be doing a later article on AVP.. so be prepared for that... and happy holidays!
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