The Aliens Movies Ruled Part 1

From Alien to Alien Resurrection; its all the aliens you need.
November 19, 2009
This is my 1st article so here we go........
When I was about 7 years old, I slept over my buddies house for his birthday. Every year he would try to find a movie that was so scary that we would not be able to sleep that night. one year he chose Alien directed by Ridley Scott.

I loved every second of that movie. I'm going to give you a short summary of all 4 movies. This 1st article will be about the 1st two movies; Alien and Aliens.

The 1st movie is still scary even to this day. It has a claustrophobic feel to it. It has the Hitchcock effect; which no movie today has. All that means is seeing a quick second of something and then letting your mind do the rest. The movie is about a group of space miners, or space truckers if you will, that pick up a rescue becin while they are frozen for their long trip home. This rogue ship had crash landed on a planet called LV 426. The crew of 7(including one cat named Jones) sets down on the planet unknown to them what is in store. 3 member set aboard the alien ship by orders from the company they work for. While inside the alien face huger jumps out of an egg and onto one of the crews members face. The alien parasite lays an egg inside his chest. Later, while the crew is having something to eat, the alien pops out of Kane's Chest and the blood goes all over the other crew members. Simply awesome. this part is legendary.


The rest of the movie is the crew trying to stay alive but are picked off one by one. One of the crew members, Ash, turns out to be a robot who was sent by the company to retrieve the alien for testing. The part where Ash goes nuts is also sick because it takes 3 of them to shut him down. Parker, one of crew, ends up knocking his head off and burning his ass after he tells them they are pretty much F'ed.

Romeo and alienette

This movie is also one of the 1st to have the female hero archetype. Ripley is played by Sigourney Weaver in her first big role.The climax to the movie is after all of Ripley's crew has killed by the alien, she blows the ship up only to discover that the alien sneaks aboard her escape boat. She has no other option but too blow it out of the air lock into outer space.

Brotha clearly wants a hug!
So the ending is that Ripley, and the cat, both live to see another day.

or until......

This movie is by far the best of the four movies. This one has a ton of action and just all out gnarly battles. The movie has its own feel and look to it also. This one takes place 67 years after Alien. This deal is Ripley has been stuck out in space and the aliens have begun to run a muck again; this time in a colony built near the alien ship from the 1st movie. This time she goes in with a full on hardcore military force. One of the best parts is when they 1st enter the alien hive to rescue all the colonist. They find them all dead and used as hosts for the face hugers'. This is the 1st big battle scene where 90% of the marines get whacked by the aliens. They come off the hive walls and from under and over rafters to get this guys. The chest buster is a lot bigger in this one, compared to the 1st movie. As always the military guys fail and Ripley has to once again been thrown into the mix to defend herself and save everyone. As the 1st movie has, there's that one guy who wants to bring the alien back for study. The character Burk tries to betray the good guys left and right. You later find out hes the one who sent the colonist to explore the alien ship. But he gets busted and later nabbed by an alien. Ripley puts herself in harms way to rescue the only surviving colonist, Newt, and battles the ever so cool alien queen.

Now, after a daring escape, Riley, Hicks, Newt, and Bishop return safely to the mother ship only to find out the alien queen as returned with them; much like the ending to the 1st movie. Bishop, who is an android, gets ripped in half by the alien queen and his guts go every where, nasty guts too. The fight scene with Riley and the queen is by far the coolest part in all four movies. It is a combo of live action with a giant puppet queen and miniatures. When they bring the two elements together it looks phenomenal.

The movie ends again with everyone who lived sleeping off the previous long horrible events. James cameron directed this, and I think beside T2, this is one of his better movies. I hated titanic, sorry man.

Coming soon Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection...
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