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DuckTales movie review
September 02, 2009

DuckTales The Movie: Treasure Of The Lost Lamp (1990)

Directed by: Bob Hathcock

Starring: Alan Young, Christopher Lloyd, Russi Taylor, Terry McGovern, June Foray, Rip Taylor, Richard Libertini, Joan Gerber, Chuck McCann

Another kick-ass poster created by Drew Struizan.

Ah, now HERE'S a show I remember growing up with. While I'm more of a fan of "Talespin", "DuckTales" was still the shit. Full of adventure, excitement, humour, it was all good. Of course, I wasn't born yet when the show came out, but I still remember seeing the reruns on the Family Channel.

I also wasn't around to see 1990 movie yet, but luckily, my mom bought it on VHS, and when I came around (much to mom's dismay) the film was one of the videos that I watched day in and day out (that, and the "Lion King").

I still have the video, and it still works, but all videos don't last forever, so I picked up the DVD at...oh, wait I forgot. You can't pick up the film on DVD, because it's only available to buy via Disney Movie Club, a special club you can enter to get Disney films at low prices. I'm not a member, but a relative of mine was, so she got me the Ducktales movie on DVD because she's soooooo nice.

So I'm probably the luckiest dogs around to have a DVD that has yet to be released to the North American public. And I must say, the film looks great compared to my VHS copy. And it's still the movie I know and love.


Scrooge McDuck (Young) and Co. find a legendary treasure which includes a lost lamp which contains a crazy genie (Taylor), who's under pursuit by an evil sorcerer named Merlock (Lloyd), who wants the genie and his powers.

Sounds familiar?


I wished the film would've had more exotic locations. The majority of the film takes place in Duckburg, and Lord knows how much we want more of Duckburg.

What was the main reason we saw this show. Because of the creative lands and booby traps. Don't get me wrong, this movie has plenty of that, but just not enough.
There's also one particular scene that always bugged me, even as a kid. It's in the beginning. It's when Scrooge McDuck and Co. try to find the location of the treasure. Turns out the location is a pyramid buried in the sand with the tip sticking out. They dug up THE ENTIRE PYRAMID. Try to imagine digging up an entire pyramid, with only a rew of five or six... with shovels. While it's only a cartoon and you're not supposed to make sense of this, but still....



Everything else. There's not much to talk about in terms of character and story, seeing how it's all the same in the cartoon series.

The animation in the first half is what really shines. It looks realistic and feels like watching an actual Disney movie, but the quality falls at the second half, when we get to Duckburg. It's not horrible, but looks like it compared to the first half.

The villian Merlock also kicks ass, appearance and all. He also gets the most bad-ass evil lair of all time. If you've seen the film, you'll know what I'm talking about.

"Holy Cheese, that scared me!"

So yeah, Ducktales: The Movie is awesome and is one of my favorite Disney films. But was it a hit when it came out? No. That's surprising, considering it's based off one of the greatest cartoon series of all time.
The reason for this is because it competed with the film "Problem Child", which I have yet to see, and let's keep it that way.

Critics were pretty harsh on it, too, as most of them called it an Indiana Jones rip-off. Animation historian Jerry Beck gave this film 1 star out of 4, and had this say (in my own words):

"One of the most irritating themes is the sympathy we must feel for Scrooge McDuck because he lost Collie Baba's treasure and has to face his archeological peers. It's hard to feel sorry for someone who's the most richest duck in North America. Collie Baba's treasure couldn't even fill up a corner of McDuck's swimming pool of coins and cash. The poor duck."

Damn. My response to this comment is, "Dude, it's just a movie."

Remember, folks. This is the SAME guy who gave the movie "Bravestarr:The Movie" a two star rating, and that was also based off a cheap 80's cartoon.

And to think that he's named after a mustard....

It's Chucky's gang of deliquents!


While it got a mediocre reputation, I still like it. "DuckTales" will always be in my heart for years to come. If you somehow come across this movie, definately check it out.


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