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Games and elements of them that changed the face of gaming forever.
December 13, 2006
We all are experienced gamers here and enjoy a wide variety of games. I myself enjoy almost everything no matter what X-play may rate it ha ha.

Here is a list of several games that molded what we now know as gaming

A big obvious one 1. Pacman

This beautifully designed games was one of the first widely known with more complex AI these monsters moving in semi-random directions makes this game a huge challenge and it also had another pathway in gaming dun dun duuuuuuuuuun power-ups the power-up in this game was the Power Pellet which alowed you to eat your enemies this game opened up doors for our future friend mario and his friend the mushroom which brings us to game number two

2. Donkey Kong (Arcade Original) Mario And D.K.'s debut a picture of the NES version

Ahhh Donkey Kong (probably based on King Kong) the original barrel thrower from stealing jumpman's girlfriend (Mario's original name) to being dropped on his head I LOVE THIS GAME this game started the basic 2d sidescrolling human being phenomenon this game made jumping really useful and falling really gay but it made a grabbable weapon AWESOME and what better than a hammer to destroy the barrels in your way but it even wider opened it's doors for MANY MANY games like super mario bros, sonic, rayman, contra, ghost's n goblins, and waaaaaaaay too many to name but this format wasn't quite complete until
3. Super Mario Bros.

This game obviously did something, ok waaay more than just something. First off jumping became a weapon (very creative). and it finally completely opened the door's for the basic 2d side-scrollers and it finally exited the gaming time known as THE ONE-Hit ERA when u got hit once you died NOT ANYMORE YES YES OH YES PRAISE GOD this game finally allowed you to keep going and it not only had power-ups (like the mushroom) it combined it with LIVEs/ or more commenly used term MEN lol but it opened up the health BAR YAY

4. Metroid/ Kid Icarus

These two games were very alike in many ways even created by the same dude but these two did one thing that changed all games the Password system and it created the first cheats that were typed out. (Get's all NERDY SOO COOL) not to mention the iritation if one thing was written down wrong so that's where this game comes into play

5. Zelda

Zelda wow this started the overhead camera angle which upped your manuverability oh so much and it came with a built in backup battery allowing you to save the game Not to mention a fully customizeable arsenal of weapons (when I say customizable I mean you can pick what you want) wow this is definately a step into the next level of games.

6. Tetris

Nuff said

if you people enjoyed this article I will make a part 2
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