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Some of the best freinds, I had
July 22, 2009
Growing up, as a young child, I always slept with a stuffed animal. I went through many stuffed animals but there are three stuffed animals that held a special place in my heart. Here I will be discussing the relationship I had with these stuffed animals.

The earliest stuffed animal I remeber is the one pictured above. When I was a young child I loved Barney everything and so my favorite stuffed animal was a Barney the Dinosaur stuffed animal. With Barney, pretty much everywhere I went, he went. If I thought I had last him, I would go into something my family a "Barney moment" A "Barney moment" was basically me being very upset not a temper tantrum, just upset and sad. It was usually my big sister, Jen who found him. He was usually in my room and these usually occurred at night. I had many great time with Barney. I still have him but he's down in storage now. It took awhile to find him to take that picture.

This second stuffed animal had some siginifance, he was one that replaced Barney after a few years. Although he did not last very long maybe about two years but he was very special to me. That's not mine, I cna't remember what happend to the one I owned. I think he was sold in a yard sale.

This Mickey Mouse doll, right here is my all time favorite and perhaps the most important out of the three. He has been with me through some of my toughest times. I have owned as long as I have my Barney stuffed animal but he really didn't play that large a part in my life until about third grade. One night I just looked at all the stuffed animals I have and chose Mickey. Now during my early middle school years I gave him up but once I was dignaosed with epliesy he came back into my life. Each time I would have a seizure, besides taking care of me. One of my parnets would always make sure to grab Mickey for me. He was and still is my security blanket. I'm not ashamed to admit it. I have had countless surgeries and I always made sure I had Mickey. Such as when I went to get my tonsils taken out. Here we are both in scrubs. Mickey's bought by my mom from Build-A-Bear. Mickey is the one, that cheers me up when I'm sad. Such as when my Grandfather passed away, I was so happy to have him with me because he made everything feel better

Thank you and please understand this is a personal article and I am you telling a part of my life. I normally wouldn't but I felt the urge to write this article.
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