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August 24, 2009
Parents, we love them but we have time we can't stand them as well. They are some of the most important people in our lives because they are there for us and I know for me personally, my mom and dad have given me some of the best advice ever. Even if I didn't want to hear it but we feel that way every so often about our parents. In this article, I will be counting my top 10 movie parents. Let's start the countdown now

10. Andy's mom from "Toy Story" and "Toy Story 2" . I chose Andy's mom because she seemed to be cool and the type of parnet that would really cool to hang out with it. Even though the toys are the heart and soul of the movies. Andy's mom was really great mom and seemed like a real person. I believe that was shown even more in "Toy Story 2" , especially when Woody gets hurt and you can see how see comforts Andy when that happens.

9. Master Splinter from the "Ninja Turtles" movies. While Splinter was never technically referred to as a father in the movies, you could see the father-son relationship he had with the Turtles. I also liked the way Master Splinter used the art of the ninja to teach the turtles right and wrong.

8. I picked Daddy Warbucks from "Annie". I picked Daddy Warbucks because you see him transform during the movie from a person who is closed in to opening himself up to Annie and I just the found the way he was willing to take care of Annie, adorable.

7. I chose Pongo and Pedrita from "101 Dalmations" Pedrita gave birth to fifteen puppies who were kidnapped by Cruella Devil. So along with Pongo they set out on a search to find the puppies they do and when they their own they see Cruella kidnapped 84 others. They decide to take the others. To me that's real dedication to taking care of children and trying to give them a better situation then the one they are in.

6. Coming in at number six, I picked Gepetto. I chose Gepetto because you could see in the beginning in the movie that he wanted nothing more than to have a son and the Blue Fairy granted him that wish. When he was granted that wish, he would do anything to protect Pinocchio. Just as any parent will always try and protect their children.
5. Coming in at number five from "The Little Mermaid" is King Triton. King Triton was picked because I liked seeing the transformation in his character. Triton started out as a gruff and overprotective father to someone who is willing to let his youngest daughter go and follow her dream.

4. At number four, I picked Mufassa from "The Lion King" I picked Mufassa because he even though he wasn't around very long while he was around he gave his young son, Simba very sage advice.

3. For number three from one of my favorite movies, Mrs. Jumbo or better known as Dumbo's mom. I chose Mrs. Jumbo because just with the other parents I have mentioned she was willing to do anything to protect her young son, Dumbo.

2. I picked Bambi's mom because as with Mrs. Jumbo she was caring and was willing to do anything to protect even if it meant making the ultimate sacrifice. She did that she gave up herself so Bambi could live

And now for my number one pick...

1. Goofy from "A Goofy Movie", I picked Goofy because it was great watching him realize he had to let Max grow up and that was interesting to watch Goofy make that transformation from being overprotective to trusting. I also picked him because this is my favorite movie.

There you have it those are my picks for top movie parents, tell me what you think. If you like them great, if not, oh well.
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