The Muppets Take Manhattan

My Favorite Muppet Movie
October 14, 2009

"The Muppets Take Manhattan" is my Favorite Muppet movie! It had a great storyline and I felt it had the best story line. Plus it introduced us to what would become the "Muppet Babies". It had two of the best Muppet songs, "You Can't Take No for an Answer" and "Saying Goodbye".

The storyline is simple. It is about The Muppets trying to sell their "Manhattan Melodies" to a Broadway producer after College and at first, no will take it.We start out with a montage of the Muppets trying to sell to their "Manhattan Melodies". During this time, "You Can't Take No for An Answer" is played.

You Can't Take No For An Answer

One day, when they are low on money. They go to Pete's Diner and that's when they decide to go their seperate ways. They all get different jobs. At Pete's Diner, Kermit meets Jenny, Pete's daughter and the only other waiter who is a rat. (litearally)

Fozzie:What a Rat!

This is the first time, Rizzo has a major role in a Muppet movie. After, Rizzo decides not to serve the Muppets. Kermit meets Jenny and Jenny telss him don't worry worry because they'll get soup.

Bring on The Hugging

At this time, this when all the other Muppets decide to go their own way and get jobs. This leads into my favorite Muppet song, "Saying Goodbye".

It's time for saying goodbye

This is my favorite Muppet song because it is so emtional and so true. You don't want to say goodbye to your freinds but you know one day you will have to. I knnow I personally felt this way during my Senior year of high school. It is just a great song. A short while after this song, we see Kermit on the Empire State Building, where he gives some of the best lines from the entire movie.

After this Rizzo gets Pete to hire Rizzo's rat freinds. Kermit is also hired. This leads into one of my favorite lines from Pete. Pete: Rats want job, Frog wants job, what's next penguins want job!" Penguins: Do you have jobs available? Pete, Rats & Kermit: NO! Penguins: Well excuse us for living!

RATS, the next big show

Earlier I told you Kermit gives some of the best lines at The Empire State Building and now I would like to share them with you.

"Look at all those people out there. Lots of people, But my freinds are all gone. Well I'm going to get 'em back! I'm gonna get 'em back! 'Cause the show's not dead as long as I beleive in it. And I'm gonna sell the show. And wer'e all gonna be on Broadway. You hear me, New York? Wer'e gonna be on Broadway! Because, because I'm not giving up! I'm still here and I'm stayin'! You hear that New York? I'm stayin' here The frog is stayin'"
- Kermit The Frog

Later on with help from Jenny, we see Kermit try and attempt many stunts to get his show on Broadway from pertending to be a Broadway producer to knowing someone and my personal favorite. Kermit with a mustache. Along the way, Kermit gets letters from the gang telling them about a new job. Some of which are pretty crazy. Such as The Electric Mayhem working as a Polka band. We also find out Scooter is working at a movie theater in Ohio and Fozzie is hibernating because his job didn't work out.

They went from this... to Polka!

I think though the most ironic job goes to Rowlf, who of all things ended up working in a dog pound!

The Irony!

The best job certainly belongs to Gonzo, who became a stunt Ski performer who attempts to jump through rings onffire and land in a lazy boy while his chickens sing Tony Bennett.

Tony Bennett, Stunts and Chickens! Why Not?

After Kermit and the rats are kicked out of a fancy resturant. When the rats' appetie ruin Kermit's plans. Kermit and Jenny go running in Central Park. Where Piggy has been spying on them and her purse is stolen. So Piggy on skates tries to get it back and Kermit finds out the truth.

Piggy and Kermit have a fight where Piggy uses a slew of French and the roller skater tries to get his skates back and intervenes in the fight with no knwoledge.

Next Kermit and Piggy take a ride in a horse carriage where Piggy dreams about if they had meant as babies and this was our first taste of Muppet Babies

So Cute!

Later on, Kermit gets a letter from Bernard Crawford about prdoucing his show but we find out it was really his son, Ronny. Ronny wants to do it as his first production. The show gets produced. Kermit thens heads out and has Jenny and Piggy call everyone.

After this Kermit is checked by a nurse in the hospital and she tells him that he is a member of a nudist colony. Then Kermit changes his name to Phil and gets a job with Bill, Jill and Gill at Ocean Breeze Marketing.

This is Bill

They head to Pete's. Where the gangs sees Kermit but he doesn't remember them. They take them to the theater and Piggy does her infamous karate chop. Then Kermit regians his memory.

I wonder how much the tickets went for

Then we see the play start and they are singing "Someone's getting married". Any guesses?

They're finally getting married

Now I that I have basically given you the enitrie plot. I want to shart with you why I love this movie. There multiple reasons. The story is beautiful. Kermit's speech. All of the clelbrtiy cameos with the funniest going to Joan River when she gives Piggy a makeover. Lastly Pete, he is just hillarious epsically with "People's is People's" speech.

What was your Muppet movie? What's your favorite moment from this one? Answer these questions in the comments.

Until we get "Together Again", I hope you enjoyed the article.

Let's get"Together Again" real soon
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