America's Funniest Home Videos
Debut: December 15, 1990

America's Funniest Home Videos is ABC's longest-running comedy series. Every episode features dozens of home videos sent in by viewers, with the show's current host humorously narrating or voicing them over. The show began with original host Bob Saget as a one-off special in 1989, becoming a regular series in 1990. The series was an instant sensation on Sunday nights and ran for seven successful seasons. The show was re-launched with new hosts John Fugelsang (a stand up comedian with a one man show called Junk Male) & Daisy Fuentes (Loving), and moved to Monday nights where it would once again become a ratings success and then aired on Saturday. Then, after several years of being shown as an occasional special hosted by D.L. Hughley (The Hughleys) and Richard Kind (Spin City), ABC brought the series back on Friday nights with new host Tom Bergeron (Hollywood Squares) this time in an hour-long format. In September 2003, it was moved back to Sunday nights. Tom left in 2015 and was replaced by Alfonso Ribiero (The Fresh Prince of Bel Air). On this show First Prize is $10,000 and second is $3,000 and $2,000 for third also there is a $100,000 grand prize show every so often where the $10,000 winners compete for $100,000.

Alfonso: "Until next time remember, upload to me, get yourself on TV!"
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Bob: "Until next time, keep those cameras safely rolling."
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Tom Bergeron: "Until next time remember, upload to us, get rich get famous! Goodnight everybody!"
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Daisy and John: "Remember, here at AFV, (insert comment)! Good night!"
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Tom Bergeron: "Upload to us. Get rich, get famous. Good night, everybody!"
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Tom Bergeron: ""If you get it on tape, you could get it in cash! Good night everybody!""
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Bob: ""Keep those cameras safely rolling. And honey, (insert funny comment). Good night!""
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Announcer: ""Ladies and Gentlemen, Bob Saget!""
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Woman in clip: "Grandma, where are you?"
Grandma in clip: "Mexico?"
Woman in clip: "No, China!"
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Bob Saget in Army Clip: "Oh, Henderson! -Bob Saget in Army Clip"
Bob Saget in old lady video: "I shouldn't have drank all that prune juice before I went on. Out of my way! Out of my way! -Bob Saget in old lady video"
Announcer: "Ladies and gentlemen, Bob Saget! -Announcer"
Bob Saget's Teachers: "Bob, you're my student, not my entertainer. -Bob Saget's Teachers"
Bob Saget's Producer: "Bob, you're my entertainer, not my student. -Bob Saget's Producer"
Tom Bergeron: "If you get it on tape, you could get it in cash. -Tom Bergeron"
Tom Bergeron (in golf clip): "Fore...head! -Tom Bergeron (in golf clip)"
tom bergreon-slomo gismo: "haha your falli- IM FALLING TOO! - tom bergreon-slomo gismo"
Tom: "Little Ichabod use to get into trouble by headless horsing around. -Tom"
Tom Bergeron: "Only you can prevent... indecent exposure."
Tom Bergeron: "(in video where a table of Easter eggs being colored falls over)"The worst thing that can happen when you're coloring easter eggs: A technicolor accident!""
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