Debut: January 01, 1997
Ended: January 01, 2004
Debut: January 01, 1997
Ended: January 01, 2004

Fifteen year old Kagome Higurashi falls into an old well on her family's Shinto shrine. The "Bone eater's well" transports Kagome back in time to Japan's feudal era. There she meets the half dog demon half human Inuyasha.An old priestess named Kaede explains to Kagome that she is the reincarnation of her sister Kikyo. Kikyo was a priestess who guarded the Shikon mo Tama(Jewel of four souls). The Shikon no Tama can give the user extraorinary power. Alas, this power is always used for evil. A crow demon eats Kagome's Shikon no Tama.Kagome shot the crow with an arrow to prevent it from attacking people. She also unintentionally breaks the jewel and pieces of it scatter across the land. Now it's up to Kagome and Inuyasha to collect the pieces before they fall into the wrong hands.

Inuyasha: "Hey, Shippo. Your village called.They're asking for their idiot! -Inuyasha"
Inuyasha: "Windscar! -Inuyasha"
Grandpa and Kagome: "Grandpa: Why, these pickles are full of history. Kagome: Not half as full as you are. -Grandpa and Kagome"
Kagome: ""SIT BOY!!" -Kagome"
Manten Kagome: "(Kagome falls out of the sky and lands on the unconscious Manten.) Kagome: Well, at least the fall didn't kill me. (manten wakes up)Manten:No.But I might! -Manten Kagome"
Miroku: "No need to apologize, Sango. Besides, I'm as much to blame. Kagome informed me that my bad habit of flirting with women was the cause of all this. I'm really sorry, Sango."
Inuyasha: "Don't you faint on me, you stupid girl."
Sango: "I know the monk would try to spy on us, but do you think Inuyasha would? Kagome"
Kagome: "Thank you Inuyasha. Inuyasha"
Kagome: "Oh, wow! He proposed to her! Inuyasha"
Miroku: "Somehow it's different with us. You see, Sango, I've never had such strong feelings for a woman as I do for you."
Inuyasha: "Can we lose some of the violence? Kagome"
Yura: "Stop that! I'll kill you!"
Miroku: "[Sango falls to the ground sobbing] Sango?"
Sango: "Yes!"
Miroku: "You'll have my children? Ten babies, or maybe even twenty?"
Sango: "Yes! Miroku... does this mean you'll stop womanizing?"
Miroku: "[stunned] Huh? Uh... heh heh..."
Sango: "[briefly pausing on each word] You. Will. Stop. Flirting... Right? [Miroku looks away, chuckling]"
Sango: "[thinking] I'll take that as a no..."
Sesshoumaru: "Now, was that aimed at me?"
Kagome: "Come on. Don't you feel the least bit sorry for Kikyo? Her grave was violated. I know you were betrayed by her but that was a long time ago. It's been at least 50 years since she passed away"
Naraku: "I am not going to kill you - I am going to break you."
Kagome: "[Thinking] Okay, now I'm offically freaked! What's going on? He almost kissed me!"
Kagome: "You stinking toad. Jaken"
Jaken: "We'll see about that."
Yura: "Of course, her hair isn't nearly as pretty as yours, but, waste not, want not. Kagome"
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