Stuffed Animals: Vol II

More Stuffed Animals
July 27, 2009
I have decided to write another stuffed animal article because the first one seemed to be be relateable to everyone who read it. As in the first article, I will be discussing the relationship with these stuffed animals but these are stuffed animals that I recieved as a present As the summary says there will be more stuffed animals.

This stuffed animal right here was given to me by my one of my Dad's fellow Marines. I received him when I was very young and at the time we were living in Okinawna, Japan. At the time, I was young and couldn't think of a name, so I named the person. His name is Mr. Lyle Bear. Right now, I want take some time to talk Mr. Lyle, this guy when I think about him now defined cool. He just looked cool plus he also gave me my first ride on a Jet Ski. That was awesome. Now back to the bear, Mr. Lyle Bear is very special to me because each time I look at him I think of Mr. Lyle and I miss him.

This Classic Tigger stuffed animal was given to me by my uncle on my tenth birthday. During that time, I was really into Tigger and I had a Winne The Pooh classic and saw what Classic Tigger looked like and wanted one. He now sits on my bookshelf and he always takes me back to when I was younger and he always makes me happy.

This monkey right here was given me to by my Nana, on of her trips out here. She made this monkey at Build-A-Bear Workshop in our mall. I appreicated that very much and enjoy this monkey a whole alot.

This bear right here I got when my Dad take come back from a business trip and he went out to 29 Palms, Calinforina. 29 Palms is my hometown and where I was born. It is also where the majority of my Mom's family lives. Because of that I named 29. 29 reminds of my family out there and makes me think of when I used to live in 29 Palms.

This rounds out the Stuffed Animals that were given to me, and that ends this article. You can most likely expect a third installment. Until then, I hope you enjoyed this article.
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