The Snorks And The Ugly Blemish

How will Casey handle it when she gets self-conscious about her snork?
January 20, 2005

The Snorks for anyone who might not know was a cartoon from Hanna-Barbera that aired from 1984 to 1989, a pretty long run for a cartoon that's not the Simpsons or the Flinstones. The cartoon revolved around creatures that lived under water with large genital like things on their heads that were in fact snorkels, hence the name Snorks. There was also the odd similarity the Snorks had to the Smurfs. They managed to stay just different enough from the Smurfs to avoid legal trouble by making them live under water and by putting a snorkel on their head. After that though there was no denying the fact that the Snorks were oddly similar to the Smurfs.

The story of the Snorks supposedly started in 1643 when ancient Snorks witnessed a ship being attacked by pirates. When the Captain of the ship went overboard he caught a glimpse of the Snorks and the Snorks of him. As time past the Snorks began to imitate humans and were soon wearing clothes and doing other things that would no doubt appeal to a child in the 80's.





Dr. Galeo



The Snorks episodes usually consisted of All-star (The main character), his girlfriend Casey, his other friends Dimmy, Daffney, Tooter and his trusty octopus pet Occy. They were always confronted with your standard cartoon dilemma often involving All-star's rival Junior Wetworth the spoiled son of the town's mayor.

The episode I will be delving into now is titled "Learn to Love Your Snork". We begin with All-star going to see his uncle Dr. Galeo to return some books and tell his Uncle that he got an A in his underwater biology class (why they don't just call it biology class and not know). While he is there Dr. Galeo shows All-star a rare sitting duck fish that has made its home in Snorkland which is also happens to be the preferred food of the speckled gulper. With that seemingly pointless part of the cartoon over All-star sets off to the local art show where Daffney has entered a sculpture.

Casey, running late for the art show accidentally bumps into a woman walking her poodle-like sea creatures. This upsets the woman and she asks Casey in a not so nice way if she would get her big snork out of her way. Being very shallow and self conscious Casey takes to heart what the woman said and sadly makes it to the art show just in time.

At the are show Daffney unveils her sculpture and you would never guess what it was… Ok I will tell you. It's a Snork! Bu not just any snork. Daffney informs everyone that the sculpture is of Casey. The sculpture of course has a huge snork aside from being a hideous piece of "art". This does nothing for raising Casey's self esteem and she rushes home hiding her snork.

While at home wallowing in self pity she just happens to see an ad on TV for a snork shrinking cream (this must be a big problem in snorkland) and decides that she must have it before she goes on a date with all-star and rushes out the door to the store to pick a bottle up. Once home, aqua shrink in hand she slaps some on not bothering to read the directions first. The aqua shrink for whatever reason makes her snork stick strait up for two hours while it starts to work. This of course is not good since all-star is due to arrive any second. Casey manages to find a hat that covers her erect snork just in time to hide it from all-star.

All-star and Casey set off to the theater for their date and just as All-star is about to try and put his hands down Casey's pants and get his mack on people begin to yell at Casey to take her big stupid hat off so they can see the damn screen. Rather than face her problems she once again storms out and returns home. Once she gets home she finds that the aqua shrink did not work at all.

The next day at school Casey tries to hide her snork again, this time with a silly flower-hat thing that just happens to look remarkably like a sitting duck fish. She soon attracts the attention of the ferocious speckled gulper. Luckily All-star is nearby and he manages to pluck Casey's hat off before she is eaten by the gulper.

With the ordeal over Casey realizes that she was just being a shallow bitch and she decides to go on with her life.

Being a cartoon from the mid and late 80's it is kind of odd how much 70's lingo is in the cartoon, at least in the older ones. It seemed like every other work was groovy or far out. I guess the writers were a bit out of touch with what the kids were down with. Overall the cartoon was pretty quality which is why it spawned stuffed animals and had such a long lifespan.
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