Underrated Superheros.

Mr. Tron takes a look at underrated super heroes. Today: The SilverHawks.
September 10, 2007

Wings of silver. Nerves of steel. Silverhawks.

In this writers own humble opinion, The Silverhawks ranks as one of the most underrated cartoons of the 80s. It had everything that a young child at the time would want. Action, adventure, a futuristic setting. Still, it seemed to be underrated when people talk about cartoons from the 80s. Silverhawks was made py the same company that made another underrated cartoon, Thunder Cats. It also stared some of the smae voices. Let's have a look at the main cast of SilverHawks. Starting with the leader.

Cap. Johnathan Quick. AKA Quicksilver. Former head of Interplanetary Force H, Leader of The Silverhawks.

Bluegrass. Second in command, pilot of The SilverHawks ship, The Miraj. Bluegrass, unlike the other Silverhawks, has no wings. His weapon is Hot Licks a sonic blasting guitar.

Stargazer. A curt commander who first requested help in the galaxy of Limbo, prompting the Interplanetary Control Force to create and release the Silverhawks.

The twins. Emily and Will Heart. AKA Steelhart and Steelwill. Technicians and designers, who are both as strong as steel. The only members of the group who had replacement steel hearts during their mechanical alterations.

From The Planet Of The Mimes, The Copper Kid. A mathematical genius who communicates through a complex system of tones.

These six comprised The Silverhawks. Brought in by Stargazer to stop Mon*Star and his Intergalactic Mob.

Mon*Star. Intergalactic mob boss. With the power of the moon, he becomes armored.

Yessman. Mon*Star's...Yesman. Yessman is a lackey to the highest power.

Buzzsaw. The Walking Vegimatic. The saws on his arms came loose to hack up a space taxi.

What made the Silverhawks great was it was everything that kids love. It had action, adventure, the shows had a great story, and at the end. The Copper Kid would learn a lesson. I loved the Silverhawks when I was a kid. Unfortunately, I always felt that they where underrated under other heroes like G.I. Joe, Voltron, The Transfromers and The Real Ghostbusters. The Silverhawks toy line was one of the best ever. Buzzsaw was one of the coolest figures ever.

So you can imagine my delight when I heard that Silverhawks was coming out on DVD.

Silverhawks. Underrated. But one of the best cartoons of the 1980s.
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