my top 3 kevin smith films

Kevin smith is a funny as dude.Heres 3 of his flicks.
December 05, 2006

Mallrats follow around a loudmouthed,comic book lovin,teenager Brodie and his best friend T.S. When both of them are dumped by their girlfreands they head to their favorite place on earth the mall!!As soon as they get thir they meet two goodfriends of them,the imfamous Jay and silent bob. .
It doesnt take long for it to become a conquest to win back their girl friends love.This was Kevins second film and he was able to get a very good cast such as Jason Lee,Shanon Doherty,Jeremy London,and Ben Afflack.This movie is full of crude jokes and some nudidity which is why i love it so much.Jay and Silent Bob has a much bigger part which of course is a plus,And with Jay yellin stuff like "SNOOTCHIE BOOTCHIE NOOTCHIES''its goota make you laugh.Since im such a big comic book fan I love how the movie is based so much around it.And also brodie gets to have a chat with the great STAN LEE!The hero of marvle comics!
Kevins first movie.What can I say about this movie other then great?It was done on a real low budget,but low budgets dont always mean crappy movie[everyone should know].This movie centers around the pissed off Dante and his wisecracking friend randal. Dante and Randal talk about what kind of customers piss them off and deal with customers in the movie.The movie starts out with dante having to go to work on his day off and later he gets into a fight with his girlfriend about how she went down on 36 differant guys befour him.the rest of the day involves dante and randal having a hokey game on the roof,and them going to a funeral and knocking down the cascket.[not on purpose].The movie focuses alot on dantes love life and his ex girlfriend coming to see him.There are tons of hilarius situations in this movie.Usualy im realy bothered by movies in black and white but i like this movie so much that I didint even notice it.Its great seing Jay and silent bobs first apearence and jays firt line was a big rant about how hes going to F**** everybody.And if you noticed in the end,Jay and Silent Bob are the ones who make Randal notice that he chose the wrong woman in the end.
The movie also became a shortlived cartoon.

My favorite of kevins movies I thought that this one had the most plot.Thousands of years ago 2 anges were banned from heaven for refusing to kill sinners and they were sent down to earth for all eternity.They find a loop hole that could put them back in heaven and if they get back in then all mankind will be destoyed so its up to the last relative of jesus christ to stop them with the hell of [of course ]jay and silent bob and the black disiple Rufus.

And the two angels are spending thier last days on earth killing sinners.

What I love so much about this movie is its depth and yet it can still get alot of crude jokes in.[such as the shit demon]And everybody love this famous ''NEW JESUS''
I loved jays big rant at the end about him wondering what the F***is goin on and then him geting kissed by god and passing out.
Well that was my favorite 3 kevin smith movie.And for those people who say that they never heard silent bob talk,What the hell,he talks in every one of his movies!
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