80's & 90's: awesome cartoons

intros to cartoons i've grown up with
August 25, 2014
Mighty Max

Mighty Max... whether it's a toy or syndicated cartoon, it was just that good

Skeleton Warriors

if you were into saturday morning back in the 90's there was nothing ever better than this
It was lined up with...

and like Mighty Max it also featured Tony Jay

(Broken YouTube Link Removed)

if you're into Marvel Comics like i was or just being picked on this was really the first show based on comic books i came across and it was until later i went to buy the entire series

Extreme Ghostbusters

when i was five i couldn't being a ghostbusters kid and in 1997 extreme ghostbusters was first aired. from another article i read something about dana barrett being crude or pandering but i don't know what i did find wrong janine melnitz because unlike dana janine would to louis just to make egon jealous and as for dana she was just honest even to peter venkman. i also liked how slimer kept in throughout ghostbusters in the movies and in the cartoons

well that does it for now

look out for my next article about corrupt psas

a bit racial aren't we
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