80's & 90's: PSAs that do more harm than good

these are psas that somewhat lie including most anti drug psas
August 29, 2014
Everyone knows right from wrong unless you're these people...

...and when you get down to it, our government advertise these psas with nonsense

You could learn a lot from a dummy

I Learned It By Watching You

Famed celebrities have been known to break law just like paul reubans aka pee wee herman

What's even worse is his role in the movie Blow

So you think it's cool to be a rockstar, it can be without drugs but however these rockers resort to our government's method to everyday problems

Rock Against Drugs

There's even a psa from the band Everclear

Not only were there really bad psas that resulted in politics but there is also a cartoon about drugs

it involves a Michael who experiments and being stalked by...

but if i were Michael i would rather see

Wolverine: Go deal with Michael
Spider-Man: Sure Thing, Wolvey
Man in Charge: Cops, beat it
Spider-Man: Where do you think you're goin
Michael: anywhere but here
Spider-Man: So you're running from your problems, well don't let me stop ya
Wolverine: all right you maggot of smoke and waste what gives you the right to drag people down
Man in Charge: nothing it's all fun and games even when someone gets hurt

Fact of the matter however this piece of crap was hosted by the president
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