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Nostalgia for anyone who grew up in the late 80's/early 90's.
April 02, 2008
Alright, I just discovered the retro machine articles and I love them. If you haven't read those I highly suggest you get on that. They're great, that being said he's a little older than me so I figured I would start my own articles similar to his, only for a slightly different age group. These articles will consist of all things late 80's/early 90's. From toys to movies to video games to board games etc. We'll start things off in the world of bubble gum.

Now if you were a 80's-90's kid theres no way you weren't a fan of Michael Jordan. Even if you didn't like basketball you at least knew him from his commercials with the Looney Tunes, Gatorade etc. When I was a kid Big League Chew was hands down the only gum in a pouch that mattered. Then around 1991 I remember going to the gas station with my mom and looking for some BLC to get ready to play some baseball. To my surprise one of my heroes Michael Jordan had his own gum in a pouch, needless to say baseball and Big League Chew took a backseat that summer to basketball and Michael Jordans Hang Time gum. It's amazing how something as simple as a pack of gum with MJ's name on it made me feel like a better basketball player just by chewing it. I guess it's stuff like that that makes being a kid awesome huh?
Alright, switching gears a bit. How many of you remember one of the greatest board games of all time? More importantly the commercial and theme song to this game. Crossfire...

Crossfire is hands down my favorite boardgame from my youth. The commercial though is what really brings out the nostalgia for me. The song sounded like a theme to a cartoon and the two kids in the leather jackets seemed like the coolest kids in the world to me. I remember the first time I played it I loved it but was honestly a little dissapointed. It was not nearly as extreme or dramatic as the commercial lead you to believe. Now I'm older and understand the concept of marketing, but when I was a kid I obviously didn't know any better. My hats off to the people who made that commercial though. 16-17 years later I'm still talking about it, so they did something right. Next on this nostalgic agenda of mine is one of my favorite cartoons of all time and by far one of the most obscure underrated cartoons ever made. Mutant League...

For a kid growing up who loved both pro wrestling and sports this cartoon was basically as good as it got. The premise of this cartoon is a bunch of sports stars were turned into mutants and instead of living life doing normal things you would expect a mutant to do like eat people, they instead decided to continue playing sports. This was an extremely graphic cartoon where the mutants would do such things as rip off their opponents heads, dribble it down the court and then dunk it. They would even have censored bars going across the screen that said "censored" when a really gruesome thing happened like a hole getting punctured through someones chest. One of my favorite things about the show to was they had a sportscenter type show within the show that would have interviews and highlights. They even made a couple sega genesis games. They had Mutant League Hockey and Mutant league Football. Both were awesome and equally gory.

Alright, this is by far one of the worst fads of the nineties but it has to be mentioned. Fuckin Slap Bracelets. Ridiculous...

Alright, I'll admit I had my slap bracelet phase when I was about 4-5 years old. So I had to mention them, but this is one thing from the past I don't mind being buried away.
Do you guys know anybody who just can't stop gambling to save their life. Somebody between the age of 20-25 that is. If so theres a good chance their gambling addiction started around 1993-94 with these fuckin things. POGS!

This fad didn't last long in my life, but when it was going strong it was all I cared about for awhile. Playing Pogs for keeps was a rush when I was 9 years old. I still have my slammers and my old "poison" pogs which were the cool ones with the snakes and skulls.
Time to wrap up this first edition of Back In the days with one of the most terrible movies ever made. While it truely is terrible in the traditional sense of movies it's also as good as a movie gets. If you dig horrible 80's B movies that is, which I do. So without further ado I present to you
The Garbage Pail Kids...

I'm sure you guys all remember the trading cards, those are classic. Most people I know though had no idea a movie was ever made. I wouldn't reccomend watching this movie sober, it will probably just annoy you. But get together with some friends and a case of beer and your bound to laugh your ass off. If you can't handle the movie at least fast forward to the end during the modeling show. Theres a scene where the main character little kid gets in a fight with the bad guys of the movie. Anyway he gets thrown into a wall and all of a sudden goes from a 12 year old to a 30 year old. The editing is so bad you clearly see his stunt double for like 20 seconds during the fight. It'll make ya laugh everytime cause it's so ridiculous. Anyway thanks for reading and go check out the retro machine articles as well.
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