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Gummi Bears
November 07, 2006
I've been watching cartoons since I was about 9 months old (1977). Out of all of the cartoons I've watched in the late 70s and 80s, there is one that stands out in my memories the most and that cartoon, my friends is Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears . I know what some people are thinking, you like a cartoon about candy? I'm always like, "No, it's not just candy, it's one of Disney's best cartoons" (in my humble opinion). This is one of the shows that I would never get tired of. I've even put some of the quotes from the show into my daily life. Now I'm going to explain a little about the show, the characters and the secrets.

How Did I Stumbled Across This Show?
Well, one rainy Saturday Morning, back in 1985; my cousins, dad and I were all very bored. We was flipping the channel. When we came across NBC I saw the Gummi Bear intro, I got very excited. So my mom comes in and watches it with us. She's like "Oh, my gosh, it's such a cute cartoon!" And from that day on I became a longtime Gummi Bear fan (21 years straight) and watched the show on a regular basis on Saturday Morning.

About the Show
Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears is about 6 (7 if you count Gusto) brightly colored bears who live in a forest (Gummi Glen). The show is set in medieval times. The town Gummi Glen used to have like hundreds of Gummies until Duke Igthorn came in the picture and forced most of the gummies from their home and 6 of them remained in Gummi Glen, waiting for the other Gummies to return home (which that never happened, which was sad). They use modern technology in medieval ages which I found pretty cool. The series have beautiful music, great voice acting (lots of legendary voice actors in the show) and wonderful animation that isn't quite matched up in most other Saturday Morning cartoons. This show alone helped the big jump in quality TV animation (before then, most Saturday Morning toons had low budget, limited animation). The show lasted from September 14th, 1985-December 8th, 1990. There are a total of 95 episodes in 65 shows (some of the episodes ran for like 11 minutes). During that time, Disney also created another animated series, The Wuzzles , which only last 13 episodes and it premiered on the exact same day as Gummi Bears but it was on CBS. Gummi Bears was on NBC during the first four seasons, then for some reason it got switched to ABC and they combined it with the New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and called it The Gummi Bears/Winnie the Pooh Hour. In 1990, Disney created a block called the Disney Afternoon and the show became the fore runner of the block. And the Disney Afternoon re-ran the first five seasons (for the people who miss it the first time around) while ABC was showing the new episodes. Then after it got off the Disney Afternoon (I was mad), it moved to the Disney Channel which they ran the series until 1996, then Toon Disney who ran it until 2001. Now the series is coming on DVD this month (the 14th). The success of Gummi Bears lead Disney to create some other animated series such as DuckTales and Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers .


There are tons of characters in the show but I'm going to give you a brief explaination of each character.

Gummi Bears
The Gummies themselves

Cubbi (voiced by Noelle North)
The youngest of the Gummi Cubs, Cubbi is the one who is often misunderstood. He dreams about becoming a knight. He is the alter ego the Crimson Avenger (after the DC Comics character). He loves to go on adventures and gets into trouble a lot.

Sunni (voiced by Katie Leigh)
The pre-teen Gummi Cub. She is very ambitious and spunky. She dreams of becoming a princess. She hates it when the others look at her as a child.

Tummi (voiced by Lorenzo Music)
The oldest of the Gummi Cubs. He's like a kid in a bear's body. He loves to eat but he also likes to do gardening and do crafts. Tummi has a very kind attitude and sometimes he just can't say no to certain things.

Gruffi (voiced by Bill Scott (first season) then Corey Burton (the rest)
Out of all of the characters Gruffi's my favorite. His personality is exactly like mine. Gruffi is a no-nonsense, perfectionist and every-job Gummi. He believes in hard work and living each day the Gummi Way. He is very proud of his Gummi heritage. Gruffi is the handy man of Gummi Glen. He may seem very harsh, but inside there's a warm heart.

Grammi (voiced by June Foray)
Grammi is the matriach of the group. She is the second oldest of the Gummies. She cooks (or try to), cleans and do the stuff the typical housewife does. She has a adventurous past and she's the only one who can keep Gruffi in line but that takes a lot of arguing. (something they do quite often.) She is also responsible for making the Gummiberry Juice.

Zummi (voiced by Paul Winchell (seasons 1-5) then Jim Cummings (season 6)
Zummi is the oldest Gummi in Gummi Glen. He is the keeper of the Great Book of Gummi. He is the Gummi Wizard. He often does spoonerisms when he's nervous and has a terrible memory and is afraid of heights.

Gusto (voiced by Rob Paulsen)
Augustus "Gusto" is the artistic gummi. Tummi and Gruffi found him on an island in the episode "My Gummi Lies over the Ocean". He doesn't believe in strict rules and he often gets on Gruffi's nerves by calling him Gruff-a-mundo and other names. He have a parrot named Arte Deco who often gives Gusto tips on his artwork. He doesn't appear too often on the show even though he's a fan favorite.

There are lots of other Gummies that appeared in the show but I'm going to just provide pictures of some of them

Ursa Barbic



Sir Thornberry


Friends of the Gummi Bears

Cavin (voiced by multiple voice actors)
Cubbi's best friend. He was the first human to meet the Glen Gummies. He's the one who gave Zummi the Gummi Medallion which holds an infinte amount of Gummi Wisdom. Like Cubbi, he wants to be a great knight.

Princess Calla (voiced by Noelle North)
Sunni's best friend. She is the princess of Dunwyn and the daughter of King Gregor. She is strong and brave and can do anything a guy can. She is a tomboy and she would rather be riding her horse and shooting arrows rather than being in her father's court.

King Gregor (voiced by Michael Rye)
Calla's father and ruler of Dunwyn. He cares about the people and protects them from Duke Igthorn. He have no idea the Gummi Bears exist.

Sir Tuxford (voiced by multiple voice actors)
The Highest knight in King Gregor's court. Often favored by King Gregor. Sir Tuxford is proud of his squire Cavin who he trains to be a great knight. He also protects the town of Dunwyn from Igthorn.


The folks who are trying to stop the Gummies

Duke Igthorn (voiced by Michael Rye)
Duke "Sigmund" Igthorn rules the town of Drekmore. He was once a knight but then he became too greedy and wanted to take over the throne. He wants to over throw King Gregor but he is stopped by the Gummi Bears. He has a twin brother (Sir Victor) who he hates and he's really in love with Lady Bane.

Toadwart (voiced by multiple voice actors)
Igthorn's lackey. Despite be bonked and bruised often by Igthron, he remains loyal to him. He is the smalles ogre and is pushed around by the bigger ogres and used as a soccer ball, a yo-yo, you name it. He is the smartest of the Ogres

Big army, but they are pretty stupid. They are strong and often call Igthorn "Dukie" which annoys Igthorn. The only names of the ogres I know are Gad and Zook. Gad's the purple ogre with the helmet and Zook is green with orange hair.

Lady Bane (not too sure on her voice actor)
An evil witch. She, like Zummi owns a Gummi Medallion, however, she can't use it unless she learns some Gummi spells. Her servants are the Troggels.

Troggels (same)
Lady Bane's servants. They are smarter than the ogres and they have a tendency to repeat what everyone has said.

There are tons of more villains but those are the main ones that incounter the Gummies often.


These are the Gummies secret items that no one knows about. (shhh, don't tell anyone!)

Gummiberry Juice
The Gummies' secret weapon. It makes them bounce (hence the words of the theme song "Bouncing here and there and everywhere". If a human consumes it, it will make them temporarily strong.

Great Book of Gummi
The Gummies' Greatest Treasure, it contains the secrets Gummi wisdom and traditions including spells and the history of the Gummi Bears

Gummi Medallion
This is used by the Gummi Wizards.

There's tons of more secrets, but those are some of the more important ones in my opinion.

Gummi Traditions
These are the holidays the Gummi Bears celebrate
The Festival of the First Snow - games, food, stories and a trip to Leviathan Mountain to throw the potion into the cave of the giant.
Barbic Test of Bearhood -This is a Barbic tradition to test for toughness.
Fall's Farewell - After everything is stocked for the winter, the Gummies Celebrate. Usually by just doing nothing.
Monarch's Day - Celebrated in Dunwyn, but the Gummies participate every once in a while.
Folly Day - Another Dunwyn Holiday. A little like Halloween. Everyone dresses up as something else. That is of course for seven little Gummies.
Festival of the first Gummiberry - A Gummi Holiday. Celebration of the first Gummiberry, I think. It was just mentioned in the show.
Jiffy Tree Hunt - A Gummi holiday that includes a race to grab the froogel tree, which pops up and down all over the forest. The sap from the tree is used to patch up any cracks in the Gummies Lake Skylight


There are tons of places in the show but I'm going to explain about the important places.

Gummi Glen
The home of Gummi Knowledge and the wisdom. Hundreds of gummies used to live here, now it's just 6 of them.

King Gregor rules this beautiful castle. The Glen Gummies protect it.

Where Igthorn resides it's a run-down castle surrounded by ogres.

The Gummi Capital. You will find many Gummi Weapons and many books in the Great Library.

A magical city that appears every hundred years. A castle houses several Gummies including the Knights of Gummadoon.

I definitely recommend this series to anyone of any age. It's one of those shows that you would want to come back for more each time. The medieval setting will interest you a lot. So in conclusion, if you never seen the show, check out all of the Gummi fan websites out there.

So now I'm going to leave with this one of my favorite quotes from the show

"Though the first step is the hardest, and the last step ends the quest, the long steps in between are certainly the best."

Where I got my info and pictures from Great Site of Gummi, a very good website, it have lots of Gummi info.
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