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A quick look at my favorite cartoon series from the 90s.
June 19, 2009
Hey guys, I've decided to take a break from writing Epcot articles for awhile and shift gears to talk about another piece of Disney.

I am going to talk about the animated series that I really liked; the series has hardly any connection to Disney movies what so ever. It was your typical, everyday Saturday morning 90s cartoon; this cartoon would be the last cartoon I would ever watch on a Saturday morning, so I was lucky to see it before I grew up out from the Saturday morning craze, the only problem was that I was 18 at the time, but I didn't have that much friends so Saturday morning cartoons were the only entertaining things I had, that and Nintendo of course, and is it really normal for an 18 year old to watch Saturday morning cartoons? While Mysterious cities of gold was my favorite cartoon in the 80s, this was my favorite cartoon in the 90s.

The series follows six hockey playing ducks that came from another planet in another universe called Puckworld; there, the planet was ruled by humanoid ducks, and the only sport they had there was hockey, there hockey was their life and it became apart of their everyday activities since the whole planet was covered by ice.

They have a legend that there was an alien race of dinosaur like beings called the saurians and their savior was a hockey playing duck named Drake Ducaine, though there are some that say he never existed, some still argue about it.

The last of the Saurian lords, Draganus, leads an assault on the planet and its descendants, taking over the planet and enslaving the ducks. A group of rebels called the resistance are trying to stop him.

(Note: I got these names from Wikipedia. I know that some of these names are real but I'm not sure about the others. This is probably how the fans relate to them.)


The original leader of the resistance, he has possessed the mask of Drake Ducaine, which has special powers and only works on ducks; he leads a small group of rebels to Draganus' lair and destroys one of their towers, suddenly they are all pulled into another dimension called dimensional limbo. Just when things look bleak for our heroes, Canard made the sacrifice for the team, giving the mask to his friend, Wildwing, he vanishes in dimensional limbo forever. It's not clear if he lived or died but I don't think the creators wanted to kill anyone off in this episode, so he's probably in some never land somewhere, whereas the others wind up on Earth, along with Dragannus.


Canard's hand picked successor and best friend, Wildwing proves to be a very reliable leader, while playing hockey and fighting crime, he serves as the team's goalie and takes his leadership role very seriously. It should be noted that in real life, Wildwing went on to be the Mighty ducks' mascot. Now that's what I call how you can't any lower than that. I guess since there was no more crime, he decided to take a low level job; I'm not talking down on him.


Wildwing's younger brother and member of the team, Nosedive serves as the humor on the team; It's not clear on how old he is, but I would guess he's 16 or 17 in Earth years. He was never actually supposed to be tagging along with the team but Wildwing refused to abandon him, I guess that's brotherly love for you. Despite his 90s dude retro talk and youth charisma, he proves to be a very valuable asset on the ice and fighting crime, like his brother, he takes crime fighting seriously. Believe it or not, he actually scores the most goals for the team and helps them win the western conference championship. He mostly hangs around a comic shop and eats triple spicy tacos regularly. I found him to be very entertaining and comical.


My favorite duck of them all, Mallory is the military brat of the team and does not take "you know what" from no one. She was a member of the Puckworld Special Forces where she was weapons expert; she is a professional martial arts expert and is not afraid of anyone or anything. She definitely does not like machines and thinks of Nosedive as a pain in the neck. Most people say she has a gentle side, in one episode, there is a nerd boy who is absolutely crazy about her, she mouths him off at first but she actually starts to care about him when she learns he's an orphan. I doubt if she uses a special charm to get attention, in one episode, she comes out in a smoking red dress, wooing the ducks, and wooing me too. I was so crazy about Mallory myself and wished she was real. Oh well, I guess some things you can only dream about.


A former criminal on Puckworld, before the attack, he founded a criminal organization called the Brotherhood of the blade, what they did is unknown but it must've been acts of vandalism, and stealing that sort of thing, Duke sports a light saber of sorts and has weird looking right eye with a digital light, to this day, there are a lot of people wondering how he got that, I think it must've been from his younger years from when he was committing a crime and got shot in the eye, he even has a chipped beak to go with the eye, he also speaks with a New York accent. Right after the Saurians conquered the planet, Duke decided to change his ways and help his fellow ducks, how he ended up with the ducks is unknown, I mean they have known about his past reputation and took precautions about letting him join. While on Earth, Duke continues to do good by helping the humans and fighting against Dragannus no matter what. When it comes to hockey, he does not believe in playing dirty.


The team's genius, she serves as a scientist and technician, she is very intelligent and helped design the team's headquarters underneath the pond, even building their supercomputer that tracks down anything wrong going on in the city. She has a weird hairdo and talks funny, I think if it came down to looks, Mallory would have the upper hand, but when it came to brains, she would win. Not only is she smart, but she can also defend herself very well and can help the ducks out of any situation.

The team's most powerful enforcer, he serves as the team's strength. Grin uses his strength wisely and uses philosophical values in any situation. We learn when he was a duckling, he was a bully but thanks to Tai quack do, the hockey master, he started to play wisely and not push anyone around. He can even sense trouble ahead and a person's karma. He is often quiet most of the times never looses his cool, only if he can't solve a problem. He plays fair always helps his teammates when needed.

Here are some of the human colleagues that the ducks sometimes trust.


Not a duck and the most annoying person in the series but I think I should talk about him anyway. Phil serves as the manager of the ducks and makes them do a lot of stupid promotional gimmicks. The team can't stand him and he only thinks of himself, he would rather be making money than having the ducks save the world.


Captain of the Anaheim police force, he does not like the ducks all that well and takes credit for all the ducks good deeds. Later in the series, he does come to respect the ducks and even fights along side them in helping them stop an invasion. He is also a very sloppy eater and maybe suffers from bad hygiene as well.


Nosedive's human friends that run the comic book shop, they dress up as 80s punk rockers; they don't seem to act as outcasts since they have a business. I guess you can't judge a book by its cover.


The nerd boy that works and lives at Unbridled Technologies, he is an orphan who lost his parents in car accident and now is locked away in Unbridled Technologies because of his genius skills. While he works on different types of formulas, he often imagines himself being a superhero and is the ducks' number one fan, he especially likes Mallory. At first, Mallory yells at him for shooting one of their weapons wildly around the place, he runs away to an abandoned amusement park, Mallory starts to feel sorry for him and wants him to come back. He does prove to be useful in helping the ducks and thanks to that, they work out a deal with his custodian to let him go out whenever he wants.

Now here are the Saurians, we already saw Dragannus, now here are his adversaries.


The last of the Saurian lords, he wants to conquer the universe and rule with an iron fist. Right after conquering Puckworld, he and the ducks gets transported to Earth, while there, Dragannus tries everything in his power to conquer the world but the ducks manage to foil his plans all the times. If things don't go his way, he takes his frustrations out on his colleagues, especially his robot soldiers.


The most obnoxious and stupidest in the saurians, Siege is a brute and a dangerous one at that. He mostly uses his tail as a weapon and destroys on will. You don't wanna be alone in an alley with this guy.


The comedic bad guy, Chameleon can change and morph into anybody and can imitate anyone as well. This is useful He mostly imitates the three stooges. It's funny but I don't remember seeing him imitate Arnold Schwarzenegger, which would've been a riot.


He serves as the evil wizard. Using magic as his ultimate weapon, he does what he can to use his mystical powers to aid in the Saurians conquest of Earth.


A treacherous villainess duck who had betrayed her people and became a spy for the Saurians. Tanya had known her a long time ago, for reasons unknown, so she kidnaps her and hides her so she can't tell the others the truth about her. She goes by the name of Vonda McDrake and seems to use a special charm on Nosedive and Duke, who both try to win her affection by lashing out at eachother. Just when she is about to betray the ducks, Wildwing manages to turn the tables on her, making Dragannus think she betrayed him. As a result, she is transported to dimensional limbo forever. Hey, maybe she can find Canard while she's out there.


One of Duke's old time adversaries and another stoolie from Dragannus, he served with Duke in the Brotherhood of the Blade before Duke went straight. He is very smooth and quick with cat like reflexes. He was apprehended by local authorities so his fate is unknown.

I was real disappointed that this show only lasted one season. I guess it was one of those shows that never made it off the board and wasn't that popular, but I think it was in my book. Anyway, goodbye for now, and DUUUUUCKS ROOOOCK!
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