Back To The Future Part II
Release: November 20, 1989
Release: November 20, 1989

In the second installment of the Back To The Future Trilogy, Marty winds up with his girfriend Jennifer travelling to the future with Doc to right their kid's troubles. In the process, Biff, Marty's nemesis... ends up stealing the time machine without anybody knowing travelling back in time to a very important year: 1955. With very little clue, the trio step back into the car, back to present time... unaware that their present time had been altered by Biff from the future. In 1985, the city is now amock with crime. Marty awakes after being beaten out cold in front of his mother... who is now married to Biff. His father is gone, and Biff is now the Kingpin of the city. He runs everything now. Fast forward to the past, Marty and Doc find out Biff in 1955 has acquired the sports almanac for every year from 1950 to 2000, where he plans to win every sports bet for the next 50 years. It's up to Marty to restore the present to what it was supposed to be... and steal the almanac back from Biff...

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Marty: "He's a complete wimp."
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Marty: "You won't believe this, we gotta get back to 1955!"
Doc: "I don't believe it!"
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Iko Fujitsu: "McFly, read my fax!"
Marty McFly: "No! Please! No! I cannot be fired, I'm fired! Oh!"
Iko Fujitsu: "McFly, read my fax!"
Marty McFly: "No! Please! No! I cannot be fired, I'm fired! Oh!"
Iko Fujitsu: "McFly!"
Marty McFly: "Fujitsu-san, kon-nichiwa!"
Iko Fujitsu: "McFly, I was monitoring that scan you just interfacted. You are terminated!"
Marty McFly, Jr.: "Is it ready!?! Hey grandma, when it's ready, can you shove the whole thing in my mouth? Ahahaha!"
Marty McFly, Sr.: "Ohhh man, this is heavy..."
Marty McFly, Sr.: "Don't be a smartass."
Biff: "...Get the hell out of my car old man!"
Griff Tannen: "McFly!"
Marty McFly, Jr.: "Yeah?"
Griff Tannen: "MCFLY!"
Marty McFly, Jr.: "...What?"
Dr. Emmett Brown: "But be careful, that Griff fellow has a few short circuits- in his bionic implants!"
Rafe "Data" Unger: "Hey McFly, you bojo! Hoverboards don't work on water!"
Chester "Whitey" Nogura: "Unless you've got POWER!"
Griff: "Batter up!"
Mr. Strickland: "What is this, homework Mr. Tannen?"
Biff: "It ain't homework because, I ain't at home."
Marty, Jr.: "Hey, fruit- fruit please! Thank you!"
Mr. Strickland: "I've never seen you before, but you look to me like a slacker!"
Lorraine: "I would not be your girl if you had a million dollars."
Old Biff: "*scoof* "Flying DeLorean?! I haven't seen one of those in... 30 years.""
Marty: "Nobody calls me chicken."
Biff Tannen: "Manure!!! I hate Manure!!!"
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