Coming of Age...

The Movies that will always bring you back to your childhood
February 11, 2009
Childhood, perhaps its something we are all trying to recapture from being here. because as we all know it when you grow up your heart really does die. Thinking back you try to hold on to all those memories that have always been lingering in the back of your mind. such as the love, laughter, dreams, and just the feeling of innocence and exploring, just growing up. I look back like most of us now, searching for that comfort again of just being a child. Like waking up on Christmas day and having a feeling of just hopefulness, love, and pure happiness. a thought of clear love that just sobers your mind. memories of a great wholesome feeling, thoughts and memories of your first bike, great friends, the smell of your grandmothers house, or the loving comfort of your mom when she was just, there. I think thats what we are all really here for, trying to gather all those old memories and cherishing them so we never lose them again. Because lets face it we can never really have them back. But maybe some of us can just try to hold on a little bit longer and create new feelings and try to develop those same memories for our children, and try to hold it there for them as long as we can so they don't have to face the world as if they've lost something or are just lost or perhaps forgotten. Because if you can really find a memory, whether it be of some event or TV show, knowing that it will always be with you and you can look it up in times of need. I believe its a great thought in times of feelings such as hopelessness. Because memories hold that part of your heart together. And in times of need when I need that sense of innocence back these are some of the movies I go running back to...

1.The Wonder Years

Even though when I was growing up as a child, The Wonder Years wasnt exactly my favorite show. But looking back now as a government considered adult the show gives true meaning to being a child, no matter the era. Even though the show took place in the baby boomers generation it is a memory we can all relate to. From the best friends Kevin and Paul, the mean older brother Wayne, the grumpy old father you never talked to but knew he was there, the over barring mother , the rebellious sibling, or your boy/girl next door crush Winnie Cooper. If you had a real childhood that pretty much sums up your up bringing or at least that one summer where everything seemed right in the world. But just know you can always look back to, love, cry, and laugh in remembering those times in your wonder years.

2.Stand By Me

Stand By Me was a very touching movie that always brings you back to that memory of that one summer where you took exploring a little to far. The memory even now holds that bond between you and some old friends who never really told anyone else about that day when you went further down the crick than you were supposed to. Gone for hours and no one even knowing you were gone. Stand By Me captures that memory so perfectly, about four friends who go off looking for an adventure and end up learning and growing during the process. Stand By Me is in my eyes will forever be the best coming of age film ever. And even to this day no matter how many times I have seen it, it still makes me laugh, cry, and of course heart broken.

3.My Girl

My Girl was one of my favorite movies growing up as young kid of the 90's growing up in the suburbs. My Girl was about that first best friend you had which was that boy/girl who always lived across the street from you. You two did everything together and they always hold that first true love title in your heart. Veda and Thomas J. were the best. They captured the youth in summer time so perfectly. And who could forget that first kiss you had to see if cooties were really real. My Girl will always be a timeless classic.


IT was the first scary movie I had ever seen as a kid. It scared the hell out of me when I was little but I could never get enough of it. Like Stand By Me it was a time for exploring but a lesson of learning. And it captured the innocence you still held on to as an adult left over from your childhood years. It is my favorite Stephen King movie and I will always believe in Pennywise the Clown.
5.Some Kind Of Wonderful

Some Kind Of Wonderful was a true love story, a movie you always looked for in times of advice. Unlike movies today this movie wasnt about a guy on the search for sex (surprise, surprise) it was just simply about love and crushes. Some Kind Of Wonderful always puts you on a rollercoaster. And if your like me you cheered for the underdog the whole movie. And of course Im always a sucker for happy endings, so its always in my top 10 movies.


Who did not love Lucas, especially with cute little Corey Haim as the lead roll. Lucas was about the underdog who falls in love with a girl who can have all variations of friends, but has higher standards for a main squeeze, and that is where a cute younger Charlie Sheen steps in, breaking little Lucas's heart. But any way things take a wrong turn, he goes through some tough times but at the end he does not get the girl, but he earns everybodys respect and hey Winona Ryder is still available.


Sandlot, Sandlot, Sandlot. Who didnt play outside as a kid and if you didnt you were probably watching this movie. But when it was over you definitely wanted to join little league. Sandlot was another great coming of age film, and if you were like me you fell in love with Smalls narrations. Definitely a great kid movie. And it always made you laugh. And of course it always brought back memories of that one heart felt summer.

8.Say Anything...

The greatest love story ever told about the most perfect guy Lloyd Dobler and his passionate deepest feelings for the most perfect girl Diane Court. Say Anything… is a very heart breaking movie that captures the essence of summer love. Who could forget this story that featured, the greatest love song In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel or that perfectly delivered heart breaking line “I gave her my heart and she gave me a pen.” Say Anything… is definitely a great film and always brings you back to what the real true meaning of what love really was.

So now that I have hopefully jogged your memory, pull out that old VCR player, your favorite childhood memory and go back in time. Because the past may be gone but your memories are always here to stay.
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