Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge
Release: April 14, 2020
Release: April 14, 2020

The champions of Outworld and Earthrealm fight to the death in a brutal tournament that determines the fate of Earth.

Quan Chi: "My god will avenge me."
Scorpion: "Damn your god."
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Shang Tsung: "[Scorpion kills Goro] Who dares?"
Liu Kang: "Scorpion."
Quan Chi: "Impossible."
Shang Tsung: "It would seem I underestimated your champion, Quan Chi. You are Scorpion of Netherrealm, yes? You have killed Goro. Thus, you must take your rightful place as the champion of Outworld."
Scorpion: "I want nothing to do with your game. I've come for him."
Shang Tsung: "Interesting. Defeat Liu Kang and you can have Quan Chi to do with as you wish. Defeat Liu Kang, and my emperor will give you all that you dream of."
Liu Kang: "Scavenge is not the way, Scorpion."
Shang Tsung: "Of course it is. And it's yours. All you have to do is kill him."
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Kano: "Hello, love. Nice to see you again."
Sonya Blade: "Why don't you come over here and I'll give you a big hug."
Kano: "Well, you'd do a better job than Jax."
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Raiden: "We are approaching the veil."
Johnny Cage: "Who's that? Let me guess. He's kinda our Merlin?"
Liu Kang: "That is Lord Raiden, Protector of Earthrealm."
Johnny Cage: "Boom! Nailed it. Wait. Earthrealm? Did you guys get a script already or something? Look, I'd love a copy. I have no idea what you're talking about, but I am pretty good at improv, so, uh... Lord Raiden, right? Good to meet you. So, tell me more about this veil."
Raiden: "The space between realms to prevent Outworld from merging with Earthrealm."
Sonya Blade: "Prevented by what?"
Raiden: "Always the soldier. Evaluating risks. What guards the veil is of less consequence than what it does so. if Shao Kahn wins this tournament, Earth as you know it will cease to exist."
Johnny Cage: "Not to fear, Lord Raiden. I, Johnny Cage, will make sure that Earthrealm, so dumb, will be safe from harm. You have my word on it."
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Liu Kang: "Liu Kang of the White Lotus Society."
Johnny Cage: "Johnny Cage of the superstar variety, but you probably knew that. And you are?"
Sonya Blade: "Not interested."
Johnny Cage: "Oh, you will be. They always are."
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Demon Torturer: "Huh? What is it you say? Is that a prayer? No. No god can help you here."
Hanzo Hasashi: "I need no god."
Demon Torturer: "I will take pleasure in ripping your flesh from your bones!"
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Shao Kahn: "[last lines] You have failed me."
Shang Tsung: "I'm sorry, Master. It was that old fool, Raiden. He..."
Shao Kahn: "Silence! Gather our forces. It's time to end this game once and for all."
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Liu Kang: "You both made it. Good. I fear it's only gonna get harder from here."
Johnny Cage: "Whoa. Wait. What's gonna get harder? I just fought a walking pair of teeth on the side of a mountain. I'm not Tom Cruise, you know. I act. I leave that stunt shit to the stunt people."
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Sonya Blade: "I guess Raiden was wrong."
Johnny Cage: "Oh. Ya think?"
Liu Kang: "No. Stay together. We'll survive. We have to."
Johnny Cage: "Yeah. We better. I need to make it home so I can kill my agent."
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Johnny Cage: "Listen, sweetheart, we should get out of here... [Sonya kicks Johnny in his groin] My dick!"
Sonya Blade: "Fuckballs, no one touches me without permission! You got it?"
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Jax Briggs: "[Cage and Blade knock out Kano and save Jax] Wait a moment. [crushes Kano's skull under his heel] NOW we can go."
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Scorpion: "What in the hell..."
Demon Torturer: "Close. Netherrealm."
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Hanzo Hasashi: "Life is cruel, Satoshi. It doesn't care where you are from, what god you pray to. It is. So, you must face it head-on."
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Johnny's Ex: "Call me when you grow up."
Johnny Cage: "So, I can still call her then. That's a W."
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Scorpion: "Hanzo is dead. Call me Scorpion."
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Johnny Cage: "[referring to Sonya] Think she'll ever like me?"
Jax Briggs: "She didn't hit you in the nuts, did she?"
Johnny Cage: "Yes she did, Jax. Yes, she did."
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Johnny Cage: "Heeere's Johnny!"
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Sonya Blade: "Fuck with the Blade, you're gonna get cut!"
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Johnny Cage: "This better not go straight to video..."
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Sonya Blade: "You gonna keep crying like a bitch, or you gonna get up like a man?"
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