Mighty Max
Debut: September 01, 1993
Ended: December 02, 1994
Debut: September 01, 1993
Ended: December 02, 1994

A 1993 action/adventure series that ran a total of 40 episodes, Mighty Max was based loosely on the toys produced by British toy company, BlueBird, makers of the original Polly Pocket. The series focused on the exploits of Max, an American teenager who learns he has been "destined" to protect mankind and the earth from a variety of nasty creatures and cataclysmic events. Guiding him are Virgil, a three-foot-tall sage of a chicken-like race known as Lemurians, and Norman the Guardian, a ten-thousand year-old Norseman. Other recurring characters include Max's school friends, Bea and Felix, and his mother, a gung-ho single parent and respected archeologist. Max faces a variety of forgettable villains in regular episodes, and more foreboding recurring ones in plot-oriented threads. His arch nemesis is SkullMaster, a proto-Voldemort figure trapped deep within the earth, surrounded by his lava-beast minions and servants such as the crablike Warmonger. Skullmaster seeks not only to destroy Max, and avoid verifying the prophecy that states Max will be his downfall, and also to harness the power of Max's ballcap , which is actually an ancient artifact known as the Cosmic Cap. Max's cap allows he and his companions to travel all over the earth through a series of portals and gates, following the ancient instructions set down on Virgil's scrolls. While Mighty Max began as a standard TV series of the mid-nineties, by the beginning of the second season it had proved itself to be capable of humour, self-mockery and startling maturity. Mighty Max had an all-too short run, and is very difficult to find these days, but remains as an example of what a good cartoon can be. Mighty Max had quippable lines, comprehensible plots, and the world's most kick-ass theme song. And a talking chicken. Don't forget the talking chicken.

Virgil: "I’m a foul actually! -Virgil"
Max: "Hey, Virg. How come you can't fly?"
Virgil: "I learned to read instead."
Max: "Watch out, Bea! There are…"
Bea: "3 eerie-looking things in black robes behind me?"
Max: "Yeah. How'd you know?"
Bea: "Lucky guess."
Max: "How about Norman? I really have a good feeling about him."
Norman: "I eat aliens for breakfast!"
Max: "Ha. You see: They're even on his diet."
Bea: "Who are you? And why are you dripping slime on the floor? -Bea"
Max: "This squid is really losing his temper! And I'm losing my lunch! -Max"
Max: "Don't I get to make my one phone call? My mom'll be worried if I don't call and let her know I'm in jail! -Max"
Max: "Why are we still running?"
Norman: "Good exercise."
Man: "Him!"
Sarah: "Him!"
Max: "Who Him?"
Max: "Come on, Virg. The only dinosaur living in Hawaii is big and purple and sings on TV. -Max"
Max and Bea: "Max: You can't fly the plane. Bea: Why? Because I'm a girl? Max: Because you don't know how. Bea: Yes I do. My mother taught me. -Max and Bea"
Max: "Good means of summoning, Virgil. Why didn't you spell it out in pepperoni?"
Virgil: "I wanted to make sure you read it before you ate it."
Max: "Whoa, a CD! No title? Just my luck, it might be the Village People. -Max"
Max and random men: "Max: What are we facing this time? A beast? A monster? A demon? Man #1: It's a beast! Man #2: It's a monster! Man #3: It's a demon! Max: Ha! Ace Ventura always gets it! -Max and random men"
Max and Guy in chicken suit: "Max: Oh well. What would you expect from a fowl? Man in Chicken Suit: Hey! I'm a chicken, actually! -Max and Guy in chicken suit"
Max and Virgil: "Max: My mentor is an over-sized chicken? Virgil: I'm a fowl, actually. -Max and Virgil"
Spike and Norman: "Spike: [while being dangled over a cliff by Norman] You can't kill me! If you do, you'll be no better than me! Norman: [drops him] I can live with that. -Spike and Norman"
Virgil and Max: "Virgil: Max, my boy. You are earth's only hope! Max: You know, I knew you were going to say that. Come on man. What about the air force, or the U.N.? Arnold Schwarzenegger? I mean we don't want to hog all the glory for ourselves. -Virgil and Max"
Max and Norman: "[Max and Norman enter a room with several solid stone slabs as furniture] Max: Yeesh, what is this place? Norman: My room, Mighty One Max: Ah. Remind me never to have a pillow fight with you, Norman. -Max and Norman"
Max and Zygote: "[Zygote faces his T-Rex against Max's devolved pet iguana, Thor] Prof. Zygote: My dinosaur can beat your dinosaur! Max: Oh, now we're REALLY mature. -Max and Zygote"
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