Debut: October 05, 1999
Ended: May 19, 2004

Angel, a vampire with a soul, left Buffy and Sunnydale behind after deciding that it wasn't safe for him to stay around those he loved and cared about. He moved to LA to battle evil wherever he finds it, with the help of visions from the Powers That Be through Doyle, a half-demon Irishman, and later Cordelia Chase, a longtime friend of Angel's from Sunnydale, who's adamant that her work for Angel is just until her acting career takes off. With infrequent appearances from Spike, Bunny, and other characters from the original series, Angel is one of the most successful spin-offs of recent times. 110 episodes produced in a span of 5 seasons. Mutant Enemy Productions, Greenwolf Corp (season 1)/David Greenwalt Productions (seasons 2–3), Kuzui Enterprises, Sandollar Television and 20th Century Fox Television for The WB.

Doyle: "Is that it? Am I done? -Doyle"
Faith: "Don't poop out on me, dammit! Otherwise this is all just gonna be over too fast. You'll be dead, and I'll be...bored. -Faith"
Cordelia: "I feel kind of hopeless with him down there doing the nonprofit brooding. It's not like he has a heart. How can it be broken? -Cordelia"
Cordelia: "You can always tell when he's happy. His scowl? Slightly less scowl-y... -Cordelia"
Doyle: "See, you need to chat people up a bit more casual like, you know? "Hi, what's your name? How's life treating you? What's that you say? Minions from hell getting you down?" -Doyle"
Cordelia: "Hey, you look troubled. Or is that just your lazy eye? Anyway, call us. We're very discreet. -Cordelia"
Doyle: "Great idea. Calling cards. Its not like you have a signal folks can shine in the sky whenever they need help. -Doyle"
Cordelia: "Finally! I thought I was going to faint while barfing! -Cordelia"
Cordelia: "I was just saying that if we're going to be helping people out, maybe a small charge. A fee. You know something to help pay the rent. And.... my salary. You need someone to organize things and you're not exactly rolling in it Mr. I-Was-Alive-for-200-Yea -Cordelia"
Doyle: "Well, I like the place. Not much with the view, but it's got a nice Bat-Cave sort of an air to it. -Doyle"
Cordelia and Angel: "Cordelia: So, um, are you still.... "GRRR"? Angel: Yeah, there's not actually a cure for that. -Cordelia and Angel"
Cordelia: "You don't know who he is, do you? Oh boy, you're about to get your ass kicked! -Cordelia"
Angel: "'Scuse me. I'm sorry. Has anyone seen my car? It's big and shiny. -Angel"
Spike: "Someone's having shish kabob. -Spike"
Spike: "Now, now. Staking the torturer's strictly prohibited. -Spike"
Spike: "I do the work. I do the digging. I fight off a Slayer. Drive to L.A. Hire the help. And what do I get? Royally screwed is what! Well that cinches it. No more partners. From now on, I'm my own man. Lone wolf. Sole survivor. Look out! Here comes Spike! -Spike"
Spike: "(girly voice) "How can I thank you, you mysterious black-clad-hunk-of-a-knight-thing?" (manly voice) "No need little lady. Your tears of gratitude are enough for me. You see, I was once a bad-ass vampire. But love, and a pesky curse, defanged me. -Spike"
Spike: "(to Angel) -Spike"
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