Bump In the Night
Debut: September 10, 1994
Ended: December 09, 1995
Debut: September 10, 1994
Ended: December 09, 1995

"Bump in the Night" was a saturday morning claymation show featuring Mr. Bumpy, the green creature from under your bed that came out at night to play with his pals Molly and Squishington. 26 episodes (40x11' and 6x'22) and a "Twas the Night Before Bumpy" Christmas special produced in a span of two seasons.

Mr.Bumpy: "It's the perfect place to hear the music play(...)"
Mr. Bumpy: "gotta have it!"
Mr. Bumpy: "I'd rather eat a worm then go to your boring party. Of course I'd rather eat a worm then do most things but that's beside the point."
Mr. Bumpy: "The nerve of that comfort doll! I wouldn't help her now if she was being eaten by razor-sharp teeth."
Molly Coddle: "[shouts] Help! I'm being eaten by razor-sharp teeth!"
Squishington: "I never want to see you ever, ever, ever, *ever* again!"
Mr. Bumpy: "Well, that's just fine with me!"
Squishington: "You dirt- dirtball!"
Mr. Bumpy: "Neat-geek!"
AAH! AAH! It's a royaling hunk of protoplasim fom beyond the galaxie! Call the P: "Call Geraldo!"
Squishington: "Oh I get it, subtitles!"
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