Adventures of the Gummi Bears
Debut: September 14, 1985
Ended: February 22, 1991
Debut: September 14, 1985
Ended: February 22, 1991

the gummi bears are doing stuff in medieval times

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Sunni: "Gummiberry, gummi berry juice...mmm, let's see, uh...we can bounce! -Sunni"
Grammi: "Stay where you are, or I'll smmmack into next Tuesday! -Grammi"
King Gregor and Princess Calla: "Gregor: "Calla, what have I said to you about jumping into that haystack?" Calla: "A--princess has to set an example for her people." -King Gregor and Princess Calla"
Cavin: "All those stories about the Great Gummies...they really are just fairy tales. You're nothing but a bunch of...silly, selfish old bears! I'm just one boy, but I'm not afraid to try! -Cavin"
Zummi: "I think this says uh--oh dear--tumern umin vumis uma bumal--Gruffi! -Zummi"
Igthorn and Toadie: "Igthorn: "Who are those attackers?" Toadie: "They--lookin' like--Gummi Bears, you Dookiness." -Igthorn and Toadie"
Tummi: "Cross my heart and cross my eye, kiss an ogre hope to die. -Tummi"
Gruffi: "Cubbi, the Gummi way to solve problems is to charge right in! -Gruffi"
Grammi: "Take it as you please...Tiny! -Grammi"
Gruffi: "Stop! I dare you to cross that line. -Gruffi"
Toadie: "Caught in a trap? Oh, how could you be so stupid? -Toadie"
Gusto: " your fur, Gruff, we've got visitors."
Sunni: "Cubbi, why don't you go bother Grammi or something?"
Grammi: "You've just gotta believe in yourself."
Cubbi: "It's hard when no one else believes in you."
Gusto: "After you, Gruffamando!"
Igthorn: "What's happening?"
Grammi: "What *always* happens when you leave out the purple berries. Bye-bye!"
Igthorn: "Try again, you hopeless halfwits!"
Ogre: "Okie dokie, Dukie! Me show birdies who's boss!"
Gruffi: "Early to bed and early to rise, and you won't have two glary eyes."
Grammi: "Land of Goshen!"
Grammi: "Uh--say, your uh--shoelace is untied."
Ogre: "Oh--thanks."
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