Are You Being Served?
Debut: January 01, 1972
Ended: January 01, 1985
Debut: January 01, 1972
Ended: January 01, 1985

Grace brothers department store, one of the last remnants of an older era. This show followed the events of the mens and womens departments who were forced to share a floor of the store.

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Mr. Humphries: "I am Free -Mr. Humphries"
Mr. Humphries: "Sweet dreams, Cuth. -Mr. Humphries"
Mr. Humphries: "You called, Stevie baby? -Mr. Humphries"
Captain Peacock: "Peace, man... -Captain Peacock"
Mr. Grainger: "She thinks I make the milk go sour. -Mr. Grainger"
Mr. Harman: "Oh Blimey! -Mr. Harman"
Mr. Rumbold: "How would you like to rescue Mrs. Slocombe? -Mr. Rumbold"
Mr. Lucas: "See you around, baldy! -Mr. Lucas"
Mr. Grainger: "And Mr. Humphries is a...oh dear I did go a little too far. -Mr. Grainger"
Miss Brahms: "Who's Myrtle? -Miss Brahms"
Young Mr. Grace: "You've all done very well. -Young Mr. Grace"
Mr. Humphries: "I've never been spoken to like in the whole of my life...I quite enjoyed it! -Mr. Humphries"
Mr. Humphries: "He wouldn't dare! -Mr. Humphries"
Mr. Humphries: "Gets more informal every minute. -Mr. Humphries"
Mrs. Slocombe: "Captain Peacock, this is sexy knickers. -Mrs. Slocombe"
Mrs. Slocombe: "Shut up! -Mrs. Slocombe"
Mrs. Slocombe: "I'm going to see Mr. Rumbold, so get stuffed! -Mrs. Slocombe"
Mr. Humphries: "Oh, hello Mother! -Mr. Humphries"
Mrs. Slocombe (to Capt. Peacock): "Get stuffed! -Mrs. Slocombe (to Capt. Peacock)"
Mr. Mash: "I'd rather perfer you in nothin'. -Mr. Mash"
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