Debut: January 01, 1994
Ended: January 01, 2001

Deep inside your computer lies a virtual world where cities inhabited by Sprites and Binomes. Normally, they'd live peacefully, but The User (from their perspective, a god-like figure) of their systems tests their mettle by sending Games into the system. Only the most elite should enter a game, and everyone else should evacuate the sector the Game Cube landed on. The consequences for The User winning a game are the complete nullification of the sector it landed on along with anyone caught inside the game. While in the game, Sprites and Binomes have the ability to ReBoot, which is to download useful skills, weapons, and tools into their own code so aid them in their fight against The User. Outside of games, more danger lurks in the form of Viruses, who come in many shapes and forms. Some love to infect others, which forces the victim to become a loyal servant of the Virus. Other would prefer to delete other programs, reveling in the destruction of innocents. Luckily, there is a group of called The Guardian Collective, whose motto is mend and defend.

Enzo: "I am Guardian Matrix, charge with defending this system. Two viruses take over my home? I don't think so!"
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Capacitor: "Every sector has been destroyed."
Matrix: "Megabyte will pay for this."
Bob: "If he's still here."
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Phong: "We will fight you to the last, Megabyte!"
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Bob: "Glitch, B.F.G."
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Enzo: "Alphanumeric!"
Guy running the counter: "Al's back there workin' on the fire-breathin' part. Al: WHAT? -Guy running the counter"
Enzo Matrix: "Im a little source code short and stout, here is my input this is my out!"
Mike the TV: ""Congraaaaaaaaaaaatulations, Enzo, and happy first birthday!" -Mike the TV"
Enzo: "Birthday boy this, birthday boy that. -Enzo"
Voice of the game warner: "Warning: incoming game. Warning: incoming game. -Voice of the game warner"
Enzo: "Nanno, nanno, nanno, nanno, nanno, nanno, nanno, nanno, Codemaster! -Enzo"
Al: "WHAAT!?!"
Megabyte: "You're all mine now!"
Voice of the game warner: "Game over. The user wins."
Bob: "...I don't think so!"
Dot: "Now what I need, is a plan."
Al's waiter: "(yawn) May I take your order...?"
Al's waiter: "...ha, ha, ha, thats a good one. Hear THAT AL...?"
Al: "...WHAAT!?!"
Al's waiter: "...slow food doesn't go fast, thats why it's slow."
Bob: "Hidden file commands, you gotta love em"
Megabyte: "Delete that and clean up this place!"
Enzo: "Everything's gone 8-bit!"
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