Debut: January 01, 1991
Ended: January 02, 1994
Debut: January 01, 1991
Ended: January 02, 1994

11 year old Doug Funnie moves to Bluffington from Bloatsburg, with his dog Porkchop. Doug finds himself being torn between being Patty Mayonase' friend and wanting to pursue a real relationship with her. This show pretty acurately depicts the becoming of age events that happen during this time in a childs life.

Doug: "Dear Journal..."
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Patti: "okay roger i dare you to say something...nice"
Roger: "nice?"
Patti: "about doug"
Roger: "doug?"
Willie: "[laughing]"
Roger: "shut up! well i guess hes...[mumbles]"
Willie: "uh, what?!"
Roger: "i said funnies a really...nice guy!"
Everybody: "[laughs at roger]"
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Roger: "hey funnie, great party whats next? patti-cake? [chuckles]"
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Doug: "Dear Journal, hi! it's me, Doug."
Quailman: "Remember kids, the Quail-call is NOT a toy!"
Doug: "Patty you're the Mayonnaise for me, woah woah woah!"
Mr. Bone: "If it weren't for rules, everything would be all higgle-dy piggle-dy!"
Quail Man: "It's Quail Man!"
Doug: "I don't wanna shake my booty!"
Judy: "STOP!! Did you say Blythe Field?"
Doug: "Kalookakoooo!"
Patti: "OW! Doug, your nose poked me in the eye!"
Skeeter: "hey Doug,honk honk!"
Doug: "One little voice is calling me, calling me."
The mayer: "And remember, vote for me!"
Mr. Dink: "VERY expensive"
Doug: "Da Doy Dought Da Dasketdoll!"
Doug: "(singing) Patti You're the Mayonaise for me, Whoa whoa whoa"
The Beets: "Oh eee ooh, killer tofu!"
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