The Goodies
Debut: January 01, 1970
Ended: January 01, 1982
Debut: January 01, 1970
Ended: January 01, 1982

This long-running surreal British comedy was in many ways, more like The Monkees, than the more famous Monty Python. It followed the silly and absurd, cartoon-like adventures of a wacky trio called the Goodies, whose motto was to do "Anything, Anytime, Anywhere" and they tried to do just that, (but usually wound up getting into all kinds of trouble!) The threesome consisted of blonde, feeble-minded and nervous English patriot, Tim; mad scientist, inventor, and Isaac Asimov look-alike, Graeme; and short, scraggly, fun-loving, Bill! It started on BBC 1 in 1970, but after a abrupt cancellation in 1980, they move to London Weekend Television. Despite the show was good to be in LWT, it only did six episodes and a Christmas Special.

Bill: "Buster Keaton? He must have spent three weeks painting the whole town black and white, and then when that house falls on him he doesn't make a sound! Not so much as a "My God, that was close"..."
Greame: "Rolf Harris... Number of legs... variable"
Tim: "But those aren't art lovers - they're Americans!"
Annoucer: "Captain Fish-Face has your children, if you want them back send 2000 wrapper from Fish-Face Cod Peices....but make it quick!"
Tim: "Don't buy string, string is evil!"
Greame: "What have you done to my pussy?"
Tim: "You're a looney"
Music Master: "Thank You"
Tim: "When these three were born, we did not know who the father was, so we each took one. Sometimes I think we might have made a mistake"
Greame: "Bloody Band of the Coldstream Guards"
Greame: "Your private life is no concern of ours."
Tim: "Once a Knight, always a knight, Twice a night and you're doing all right!"
Greame: "Roll up, roll up to Camelot in 1973 And tour the Middle Ages for only 50p"
The Giant: "There is more to being a giant than size, you know"
Greame: "You've seen Saturday Night Fever, haven't you?"
Tim: "It's X-rated. I'd be too scared."
Tim: "Graeme, why are you dressed as a woman?"
Graeme: "What! Three chaps going to a dance. People would stare!"
Bill: "I'm wearing my tails, my top hat, my cane and my taps (referring to his 'tap shoes' — with real water taps on the toes of his shoes)"
Beans Boy: "When I've had a hard day at school My mummy always makes it a rule To give me what I like best Which means a plate of lovely hot baked.... um, potatoes.... ("Get it right!" - Gets plate of beans in face)"
Bill: "(seeing two gumbies) Hello John, Eric."
John Cleese: "And Now for something completely different (Audience cheers)"
Tim: "Push off"
John Cleese: "Kid's Programme!"
Beans boy: "My mum bought me some string today Cos string is better than beans She always gives me..... (Gets a plate of beans in the face)"
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