Childhood Candy

List of candy and treats I loved as a child.
June 08, 2009
I loved candy more than most kids. However, my tastes weren't that developed for chocolate yet so my list will look pretty slim if you were a chocolate enthusiast as a child.

I loved candy so much that I had not one, but two root canals as a 12 year old.

While I had two root canals, I wasn't a fat child. I was rather skinny. My friend Nicole and I would often look around our houses (aka parents' junk drawers and bedrooms) for loose change. Rarely, would we find actual dollar bills. If we did, we wouldn't take them. Loose change is easier to forget about.

We would take the coins we found and walk up to a convenience store named, "Kenny's." Never did it occur to me until just right now that I never knew who "Kenny" was. Oh, well.

Later, Kenny's became Anchor's Market. The new guy who was running it ran it the ground. My favorite convenience store didn't stock nearly as many goodies as it once did. The new guy would buy his stock from Sam's Club, of all places, instead of straight from the companies. Needless to say, Anchor's Market drowned. It sat empty for a while until Panchero's Mexican Grill moved in.

The walk to the store was nearly one and a half miles, so perhaps that's part of the reason why we never got fat on the vast amounts of sugar we inhaled.

Okay, enough chitter chat, on with the treats!

Rice Krispy Treat Cereal

Not technical candy, but probably contained enough sugar to qualify as one.

I loved this and would be one of my top favorite cereals to get. A box would never last more than two days, three days tops.

I can't find this in grocery stores anymore! However, you can buy a 4 pack on for about $16-17. I suppose I could actually make rice krispy treats, crumble it up in a cereal bowl and pour milk over it. But I'm afraid it just might not taste the same.

Lotte Koala Cookies

Also, this product has been taken off my grocery store's shelves and replaced by three hundred dozen "different" kinds of fruit snacks. I say "different" simply meaning that the same little chemical fruit blobs of gummy pieces are just cut into different shapes and packaged into boxes with different cartoon characters and dorky, teenaged pop singers.

Luckily, you can find these at pretty much any asian supermarket. If you're in Minnesota, I highly recommend checking out a store called, "United Noodles". You can find super huge hexagon tubes of chocolate and strawberry koalas. Much yummy-ier than Pocky, by the way.
These koala cookies come all the way from Asia and have a hard, crispy cookie shell. Inside, is a bit of strawberry (or chocolate, if you prefer) creme.

You can also find these goodies at nerdy video and movie stores. The stores make you pay three of four times what you normally would at any Asian grocery.

Amazing Fruit

This are also saldy gone. "Amazing Fruit" snacks were the best fruit snacks, ever. On the wrapper, there was gummy bear characters in rainbow colors, holding the fruit that they flavored after. I think the gummy pieces were molded into fruit shapes and not bear shapes.

Cadbury eggs

A special treat that would appear on Kenny's counters, announcing that Easter
was about to arrive.

I would always get the one with the carmel inside it. These were fun to break! Everyone once and a while, I would accidentally pick up the carmel creme egg, which wasn't nearly as good as the straight up carmel egg.

Milky Way

This was my favorite. I loved carmel. Even though I didn't really eat the chocolate, today's bars seem to have a more waxy chocolate coating. I like chocolate now, but I can't eat that nasty "chocolate" they put on most candy bars today.


Chocolate and pure smooshy stuff. Sometimes I'd eat (or scrape off with a knife) all the chocolate siding and be left to devour the smooshy stuff. I'd had any the even 1/4 of the metabolism that I had in my childhood, I'd be chumping on some right now.

Fruit Slices

Usually get these once or twice a year. Sometimes my family would visit small, gourmet candy stores and get a box. So good!

Ribbon candy

This is hard to find around Christmas time, unless you look hard or find a store that sells "old fashioned" candy. It's just any other kind of hard candy out there, except in ribbon form!


I didn't like this as much as the other candy items. But I did on occasion like to suck the chocolate off and let the whopper melt in my mouth.

Bubblegum eggs

As with the Cadbury egg, another Easter item. The gum wasn't that special or memorable except for the fact that it was small, cute, shaped as in egg and came in a mini egg carton.

Kettle popcorn

I went to a field trip in the 4th grade and got to try this. It was the BEST THING I had ever eaten! I cannot find kettle corn that tasted as good as it did back then. It was probably loaded with extra sugar and butter that made it so good.

Chewy Sweet Tarts

When I was about 10 years old, my mom made go to summer school. I took dance, art, and book making. I think I went two or three days out of the week.

During the middle of the day, everyone was sent to the cafeteria to buy snacks. There was a huge amount of junk food you could buy. The amount of junk we could buy back then would probably cause an uproar with those who think childhood obesity somehow stems from the occasional snack at school, not parents shoveling convenient frozen pizzas and ice cream bars into their kids everyday.

Zebra Gum

So many rainbow colors and flavors. The wrappers has lickable temporary tattoos.

You spit on the wrapper (or you could use water), hold in against your skin for thirty or so second, and instant lame-o tattoo!

The gum is hard to find now, Michael's (the Arts and Craps store) sells it near the check out lines. You can also find it at online specialty candy stores.

Laffy Taffy

Nice, soft, great tasting flavors (especially banana). The wrappers would have jokes inside of them. Kids would send jokes to the company and the company would print the joke and the kid's name and hometown on them. Immortalized forever on Laffy Taffy wrapper, that was a short lived dream of mine.

Bazooka Gum

Even as a kid, this was hard to find. I would chew the gum, read the little comic on the wrapper, and then spit out the gum as soon as the taste disappeared (which probably took as long as to read the comic). I would collect the little wrapper comics and then lose them the same day.

When I about nine or ten years old, I had a joint Carnival themed party with my sister. We had a few games for guests to play and one of the awesome prizes was a big box of Bazooka gum. My mom found it at the local dollar store. I, being the birthday kid, could not win any of the good prizes since guests were already giving me presents.

I ate a ton of candy as a kid. I made this list off of the top of my head and was surprised by how much candy I remembered, considering much of it can't be (easily) found on gas station shelves anymore.
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