Release: May 20, 1988
Release: May 20, 1988

The dwarfish Nelwyn Willow Ufgood begins on an adventurous journey to protect the foundling Elora Danan who after a prophesy from the evil tyrant king Bavmorda must prepare for her end. Fantasy film from 1988 written by George Lucas.

one of the badies: "GET OUT OF MY WAY, PECK! -one of the badies"
brownie: "I stole dee baby!! -brownie"
High Aldwin and Burglekutt: "High Aldwin: Go in the direction the bird is flying. Burglekutt: It's going back to the village. High Aldwin: Ignore the bird, fallow the river. -High Aldwin and Burglekutt"
Madmartigan: "He stole our black root! -Madmartigan"
Madmartigan and Willow: "Willow:See this acorn? I'll throw it at you and turn you to stone! Madmartigan :Ooh, I'm really scared. Help! There's a peck with an acorn pointed at me! -Madmartigan and Willow"
Madmartigan and Sorsha: "Sorsha: What are you looking at? Madmartigan: Your leg. I'd like to break it. -Madmartigan and Sorsha"
Madmartigan: "Gentlemen. ...Meet Lug! -Madmartigan"
Willow: "Absolutely, under no condition whatsoever, is anyone in this family to fall in love with that baby! -Willow"
Madmartigan: "My mother raised us on blackroot. It's good for you. Puts hair on your chest, doesn't it, Sticks? -Madmartigan"
Willow: "Her name is not 'Sticks'. She's Elora Danan, the future Empress of Tir Asleen...and the last thing she's gonna want is a hairy chest! -Willow"
Bavmorda: "I didn't ask you to bring me a dead nursemaid. Sorsha, you're useless! -Bavmorda"
Madmartigan: "Goodbye, Sticks. If you really are a princess, take care of him. -Madmartigan"
Rool: "BEER!!! HA HA HA HA HA!! -Rool"
Willow Ufgood: "I'm Willow Ufgood. -Willow Ufgood"
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