Mystery Science Theater 3000
Debut: January 01, 1988
Debut: January 01, 1988

A man and two robots trapped on an Earth-orbiting space station are forced to watch the worst movies ever conceived With the help of the bots (Crow T. Robot & Tom Servo) Joel Robinson (Seasons KTMA, 1-5) & Mike Nelson (Seasons 5-10) survived the horrid movies, educational shorts, and movie serials that were sent by the evil Forrester family (Dr. Clayton Forrester on seasons KTMA, Seasons 1-7 & Pearl Forrester Seasons 7-10) with the help of such sidekicks as TV's Frank, Observer/Brain Guy, and Professor Bobo. The end result gives the creation of one of the best and most creative shows on television. They also had a feature film in 1996 entitled Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie. They also have adventures & fun with time travel, aliens, inventions and much more over many years filled with humor and pop culture. The show started as a cable access program on KTMA and then was picked up by Comedy Central (Known as The Comedy Channel in the early years). The final seasons were aired on the Sci-Fi Channel. Many films were made fun over the years staring a lot of young & popular talents including Adam West, Tia Carrere, Raul Julia, Lee Van Cleef, Demi Moore and many more.

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Joel: "Hey,everyone welcome back to the Satellite of Love"
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Joel: ""We're having an adventure just like The Goonies!""
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Joel, Crow, and Servo: "Makku GoGo! Makku GoGo! Makku GoGoGo!"
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Joel: "Everybody, run! Pink Lady and Jeff are back!"
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Servo: "*sneezes loudly in the theatre*"
Crow and Joel: "Bless you!"
Joel: "You're not supposed to do that..."
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Servo: "Dasher - BOOM! Prancer - BOOM!"
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TV's Frank: "I'M THE GOD! *I'M THE GOD!!!*"
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Crow: "(Quoting Hardcore) Turn it off! TURN IT OFF!"
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Joel, Crow, and Servo: "Sandy Frank! Sandy Frank! He's the source of all our pain!"
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Crow dubbing Puma Man Henchman: "I'm falling at a 30 degree angle defying all laws of physiiiiiics! -Crow dubbing Puma Man Henchman"
Crow: "Torgo, you're the laziest man on Mars! -Crow"
Mike Nelson: "You know many people have compaired this to the chariot scene in Ben Hur? Yeah, they usually say, 'Ben Hur' was really good, this movie totally sucked -Mike Nelson"
Tom Servo: "I'm the wind baby! -Tom Servo"
Dr. Forrester: "It has nothing to do with pods, it has nothing to do with people... it has EVERYTHING to do with hurting! -Dr. Forrester"
Dr. Forrester: "Oh, poopie! -Dr. Forrester"
Crow: "I want to decide who lives and who dies. -Crow"
Dr. Erhardt: "Enjoy! -Dr. Erhardt"
Torgo: "LarGe SAuSagE and MusHrOOm, ThiN CrUsT? -Torgo"
TV's Frank: "I AM the button. -TV's Frank"
Joel Robinson: "Trumpy, you come down! -Joel Robinson"
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