Malcolm in the Middle
Debut: January 01, 2000
Ended: January 01, 2006

Characters: Malcolm; the genius kid Reese; the dumb brother Duey; the musically talented younger brother Frances; the oldest brother Jamie; the youngest baby brother Lois; the mom who thinks she HAS TO be right Hal; the dad Let's just sum it up quickly; none of these people get along.

Reese: "A shortcut doesn't mean it's a shorter way, it means it's a different way."
Hal: "(Hal accidentally caused a chemical spill, he is talking to a army officer) Is this a really big deal, my kids are exposed to chemicals all the time. I once set off a bug grenade in their room while my son Dewey was taking a nap"
Dewey: "I can now smell colors"
Reese: "(Reese crashed a mini bike and has a huge bump growing out of his leg) Think mom will notice"
Dewey: "(Reese crashed a mini bike and has a huge bump growing out of his leg. Malcolm and Dewey are applying ice to it) (Pointing to the bump) Look, you can see his heart beat"
Dewey: "(Dewey is watching cat, but he lost it) Are we going to tell mom"
Hal: "This is a very serious situation son. Of course were not going to tell your mom"
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