Garfield & Friends
Debut: September 17, 1988
Ended: December 10, 1994
Debut: September 17, 1988
Ended: December 10, 1994

The comedic adventures of the lazy and sassy feline, Garfield, his owner, Jon Arbuckle, and the pup, Odie. The show also features the U.S. Acres gang, a group of talking farm animals from a lesser-known comic strip by Jim Davis, creator of Garfield. The series ran for 7 seasons on CBS. It returned in reruns on Cartoon Network, TBS, and TNT from 1995-1996, Nickelodeon from 1997-2000, Fox Family in 2001, Toon Disney from 2004-2005, and Boomerang from 2006-2007 and from 2018 to the present. Between 2004 and 2005, Fox Entertainment released all seasons on DVD box sets, while in 2018, 9Story Entertainment released an HD remastered version.

Garfield: "Bring me an order of everything, with a side order of everything else."
Garfield: "I love Pookie!"
Garfield: "They don`t pay me enough for this"
John (exercising with Garfield): "Let's skip some rope!"
Garfield: "Fine. We'll skip the rope. We'll skip the sit-ups..."
Garfield: "Quick, call the lollipop factory. They want you to pose for the world's biggest sucker."
Garfield: "Water! Water! (grunt) Come on! I need Water!!!"
Odie: "*BARK* *BARK*"
Garfield: "Whoever thought of that should be drug out to the street and shot"
Orson: "Chicken Licken said to the King "The sky is falling!" and the King said "All this tampering with the ozone layer...""
Garfield: "No I will not throw the stick so you can fetch it"
Garfield: "Whoever created Mondays should be dragged out into the street and shot!"
Garfield: "Hey, Heathcliff. Eat your heart out."
Garfield: "Hi Odie. Can you believe I got heckled by the audience? They didn't believe me when I told them that you catch cars and burry them in the back yard."
Roscoe: "I got an A in Advanced Thermonuclear Physics. I can dissect proton particles. "
Garfield: "I know how to make toast. "
Jon: "I'll settle this or my name is Mud!"
Garfield: "Mud should be back any minute now... -SPLAT-"
Jon: "Hello. My name is Mud."
Garfield: "We were expecting you."
Garfield: "Microwave lasagna. Possibly nature's most perfect food."
Buddy Bears: "Oh, we are the Buddy Bears; we always get along if you ever disagree, it means that you are wrong."
Garfield: "Sell your remote control, I'm the best thing on."
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