Mork & Mindy
Debut: September 14, 1978
Ended: May 27, 1982
Debut: September 14, 1978
Ended: May 27, 1982

Mork is a bumbling alien from the planet Ork sent to Earth, in his egg, to study its inhabitants. He will report to his unseen superior, Orson, until reassigned. On Earth, he meets Mindy McConnell, an average woman who takes him in and shelters him. On befriending Mork, she signs herself up for some wacky adventures as Mork learns about human life, acting (and looking) very eccentric along the way. In addition to spouting

Mork: "Then the cowboys and Indians are lovers? -Mork"
Mork: "Punching and pushing and calling someone names means you like them? -Mork"
Mork: "If Holly liked him so much, how come she punched him and told him he was weird. -Mork"
Mork: "Must be a footnote. -Mork"
Mindy: "What's this piece of paper?"
Pat: "That, my friend, is called a jury summons."
Pat: "YOU haven't done ANYTHING. The court just needs you to be a member of the jury in a civil case. What the case IS...I don't know."
Mindy: "How do you know about the jury summons then?"
Pat: "Because...I HAVE ONE, TOO."
Mindy: "(Sighs)"
Mork: "Nanu-Nanu! -Mork"
Mork: "Shazbut -Mork"
Mindy: "Ah, your foot's ringing. I'll get it. -Mindy"
Customer Mork: "My doctor says I need to get more iron in my diet, now what do you suggest?'' ''Eat your car keys. -Customer Mork"
Mork: "Mork calling Orson, come in Orson -Mork"
Mork: "Nothing beats good ol' Cheerios"
Mindy: "Except for my hugs, right?"
Mork: "Well, there ARE some exceptions"
Mindy: "You DO know that I am hot and sweaty, don't you?"
Mork: "I didn't know that, but as I said earlier, there ARE some exceptions."
Mindy: "(Hugs Mork and eats her "Special K" cereal)"
Jean: "It must be a lovely world he lives in."
Mindy: "Why are you building a tower of Cheerioats?"
Mork: "Because it's hard to stack oatmeal."
Mork: "Oh what a tangled web I weave..."
Mork: "Oh what a tangled web I weave..."
Exidor: "If we could bag what I just said over there, we could double the corn crop in Kansas!"
Mork: "I want to be a hickey on the neck of life."
Mork: "If my knees knock any louder, I'm gonna look inside my pants and see who's there."
Orson: "Have you been smoking your socks again, Mork?"
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