Rocky IV
Release: November 27, 1985
Release: November 27, 1985

Heavyweight boxing champion Rocky Balboa accompanies his friend Apollo Creed, who will be in an exhibition match against Ivan Drago, a Russian boxer who has been scientifically trained, using high tech equipment. When Drago kills Apollo in the ring, Rocky blames himself for Apollo's death, and promises to get revenge on Drago in the ring, in the name of Apollo and the United States. Against the wishes of his wife Adrian, Rocky is off to the USSR to take on Drago, and brings Apollo's former manager Duke to help him prepare for the fight. While Drago enhances his amazing punching power using high-tech equipment, Rocky toughens up under the guidance of Duke in a compound in the frozen Soviet countryside, with his mind set on destroying Drago, he will face off against impossible odds for vengence. On November 11, 2021, the film was released again, but has been recut with new/alternate footage. It has been entitled 'Rocky Vs. Drago - The Ultimate Director's Cut'.

John: "Hearts on fire...Fever's rising high. The moment of truth is here"."
John: "Hearts on fire...Strong desire rages deep within."
John: "...And things that give deep passions are your sword. Rules and regulations have no meaning anymore."
John: "Time will not allow you to stand still, no. Silence breaks the heart and bends the will."
John: "Hearts on fire...Fever's rising high. The moment of truth draws near."
John: "Hearts on fire...Strong desire rages deep within."
John: "The cave that holds you captive has no doors. Burnin' with determination to even up the score."
John: "Silent darkness creeps into your soul and removes the light of self-control."
Ivan Drago: "If he dies he dies."
Drago, And Balboa: "Death from above: I must break you. Rock: Go for it -Drago, And Balboa"
Drago: "If he dies, he dies. -Drago"
-Adrian: "You've seen him, you know how strong he is-YOU CAN'T WIN!!!! --Adrian"
Rocky: "If I can change and if you can change, EVERYBODY CAN CHANGE! -Rocky"
Ivan Drago: "You will lose -Ivan Drago"
announcer: "The russian is cut, its a bad cut! -announcer"
Adrien: "YOURE GONNA' DO IT ROCKY! -Adrien"
Ivan Drago: "I must break you. -Ivan Drago"
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