Release: July 25, 1980

Set primarily on the golf course at Bushwood Country Club, the story is a farcical clash between classes, on one side the wealthy and privileged and on the other, the anarchic, young and noisy. The club is represented by the chronically uptight Judge Smails (Knight) and opposite him the vulgar, noisy, witty self-made man Al Czervik (Dangerfield) and a group of caddies including Danny Noonan (O'Keefe). Ty Webb (Chase) is a well-to-do but unassuming golf savant who blithely plays both sides of the brawl. Out of the fight, but periodically crossing paths with the others, is Carl Spackler (Murray), a lunatic assistant greenskeeper locked in an increasingly armed death-struggle with a gopher. The plot, such as it is, hinges on two key golf matches. In the first, Noonan wins a college scholarship and the favour of Smails. The second is an illegal high-stakes gambling match which forces Danny to side either with Czervik or Smails, at the end of which Spackler dynamites the majority of the course trying

Al:: "(The final lines of the movie) Hey, everybody! We're all gonna get laid!"
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Ty: "[to Lacey] ♪I was born to love you; I was born to lick your face; I was born to rub you… but you were born to rub me first♪"
Ty: "(Singing to Lacey) "I was born to love you. I was born to lick your face. I was born to rub you, but you were born to rub me first"."
Al: "Oh, this is the worst looking hat I ever saw! You buy a hat like this, I'll bet you get a free bowl of soup, huh? Oh, it looks good on you, though."
Al: "So what? So Let's Dance!"
Karl: "Hi there, Mr. Gopher, it's just me, Mr. Squirrel. -Karl"
Pool Kid: "Doodie!! -Pool Kid"
Karl: "Licensed to kill gophers, by the government of the United Nations -Karl"
Al: "Nice hat, did you get a bowl of soup with that? -Al"
Al: "1000 Bucks you miss that putt! -Al"
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