Cannon Movie Tales: Red Riding Hood
Release: January 01, 1989
Release: January 01, 1989

The high spirited daughter of the village lord and her mother have been living in the forest for seven years near her wise grandmother. They wait for her father to come home, meanwhile, her literally heartless uncle rules. He sells his soul for the aid of an enchanted wolf who turns himself human in order to spy. As the tyranical lord begins to see his niece as a threat, he sends the wolf to deal with her.

Linet: "If you never talk to strangers, you may never make a friend, and a friendly looking stranger is no danger."
Dagger: "It's a crazy world, m'dear."
Linet: "People always in a hurry."
Dagger: "Some young ladies disapear."
Lady Jean: "Mother, you must be careful what you say and do. People will say you are a witch."
Linet: "Long as I'm here, why worry?"
Nanny Bess: "No, daughter, no. Just because I know a few things, that doesn't make me a witch. But just to be on the safe side, let's keep this a secret. Agreed? Linet"
Godfrey: "You don't love anything, do you, Dagger?"
Lady Jean: "I love Percival. Godfrey"
Linet: "Mother, when will he come? Lady Jean"
Nanny Bess: "Well, you've landed on the moon and it's made of green cheese. And it belongs to an old frump named Molly... Welcome home, Percival."
Percival: "Excuse me, ma'am. I don't know where I am; whose lands these are. I happen to be a stranger just home from the war."
Dagger: "I love to hunt with the pack under a full moon... I love a romantic dinner by the sea... The two don't seem to go together, though."
Lady Jean: "No night / you don't frighten me / you're dark and gray / but you won't be here in the morning / for one whole day / Cry wind / try to frighten me / cry good and strong / but you won't be here in the morning / so I won't cry alone / Moon blowing a ghostly shade / smile away / soon you'll fade / I look up at a moonlit star / wondering where you are / Sleep child / Sleep now quietly / Be calm and still / the mist may rise / the hawk may cry / as shadows haunt my lullaby / But they won't be here in"
Lady Jean: "[after Linet is asleep] So night / Why you frighten me is hard to say / Perhaps because as nights go on / I think how long my man's been gone / But you won't be here in the morning / He may."
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