The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure
Release: December 23, 1994
Release: December 23, 1994

This first direct-to-video sequel furthers the adventures of Littlefoot and his pals, who by this time are living in the Great Valley. The young dinos' adventures begin when they set out to prove how grown up they are by solving the mystery of an egg thief. Unfortunately, in their zeal, Littlefoot and Co. end up lost in the frightening Great Beyond. The first feature-length production from Universal Cartoon Studios: Roy Allen Smith produced and direct from the screenplay by Dev Ross, John Loy and John Ludin; Based on characters from the 1988 theatrical film 'The Land Before Time' created by Judy Freudberg and Tony Geiss. Music Composed by Michael Tavera; featuring three original songs written by The Roches, and original compositions, including "If We Hold On Together", from James Horner. It was dedicated to the memory of Robert Blattner, III - "Thank You for Your Wisdom & Inspiration".

Ozzy and Strut: "STRUT!!!" "WHAT?!"
Ducky: "Oh he's going to be in BIIIG trouble."
Ozzy: "Those kids have ruined our lunch for the last time. -Ozzy"
Ozzy: "Just what I can't stand: a bossy weed-wacker! -Ozzy"
Duckie: "They are disappeared, they are. -Duckie"
Duckie: "No. You can't eat Petrie...Nooo! -Duckie"
Patrie: "I'll teach you to flyyy-yyy-yyy...I teach you to fly! -Patrie"
Littlefoot: "There are many dangers. I should always be careful. -Littlefoot"
Ducky and Petrie: "Ducky: My tummy is making it's hungry noise again. Petrie: My tummy talk too. [stomach gurgles] It say, "Feed me. -Ducky and Petrie"
Cera: "You guys are all just a bunch of eggs! -Cera"
Littlefoot Cara Duckie Petrie: "We're a family, and you're one of us now! -Littlefoot Cara Duckie Petrie"
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