Release: July 09, 1982
Release: July 09, 1982

Computer Classic, one of the first computer generated movies. A hacker is split into molecules and is transported into a computer. In this computer a mean program called Master Control behaves like a dictator. The hacker, who programmed a number of features of the environment he got into, teams up with a book keeping program and his girl-friend and together they try to replace Master Control with Tron. Tron is an honest safety system.

Sam Flynn: "I am not a program !!!"
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Master Control Program: "I want him in the games until he dies playing. Acknowledge."
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Flynn: "How are you going to run the universe if you can't answer a few unsolvable problems? Come on, big fella, let's see what you got."
MCP: "I'd like to go against you and see what your made of."
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Master Control: "You're getting brutal, Sark. Brutal and needlessly sadistic."
Sark: "Thank you Master Control"
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Spryte: "Yes. -Spryte"
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Kevin Flynn: "Man! On the other side of the screen, it all lokked so easy! -Kevin Flynn"
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MCP: "End of line. -MCP"
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Kevin Flynn: "Greetings, programs! -Kevin Flynn"
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10 years, 6 months ago
This film was too complex for most people to understand. It was a bit bland. The Red guys in the Movie represented a virus infecting a computer and corrupting the system; while the blue guys were the programs trying to function as normal. It was way ahead of its time, and was similar to and may have inspired the "The Matrix" movie.
    10 years, 8 months ago
    I can tel why this film didn't do so well. The special effects are wonderful none-the less though!
      11 years, 11 months ago
      Tron was awesome I even remember playing the arcade game at local mall. Can't wait for the new movie to be released this year.
        12 years, 8 months ago
        One of the best movies ever made!!!
          13 years, 1 month ago
          If a TRON fan or liked the movie, stop by TRON SECTOR sometime:

          Longtime fan of the movie, enjoyed TRON 2.0 (how brilliant... you make a sequal about video games, so why not MAKE it a Video Game... perfect!) And I look forward to whatever they do with TR2N, the movie advertised last summer, hinted at really, at a movie promo at some convention.
            14 years, 1 month ago
            There was some talk of a Tron 2.0 a few years back, I half wish they would and half wish they wouldn't.

            Tron is a classic, but I'd love to see what they could do with the technology now.

            It would be cool if they'd bring Jeff back and his son is the one to get sucked into the computer world.
              14 years, 9 months ago
              the car racing bit the first computer animation ever
                15 years ago
                AWESOME FILM!!!
                  15 years, 10 months ago
                  It was pretty good especially for the CGI of the time. And it was on Sci-Fi just last week.
                    15 years, 11 months ago
                    Just replace Master isn't a dead give away I don't know what is.
                      16 years, 1 month ago
                      GREAT film! This is one creative and very well done scifi film. The CGI is amazing for the time as well.
                        16 years, 2 months ago
                        Tron I find is a realy great movie. I liked the way they did the early computer graphics and still made the charictors look real with metal colerd skin,and just a note to Plecostomus 09\13\2005 only him of corse I doute this movies very religous I've watch it a bounch of times as well and I dont think there's a lot to do with religoun in this movie,but besides that this movie kicks ass big time athough disney isnt known for making alot of science fiction films they did a fine job with this one.
                          16 years, 2 months ago
                          I vividly recall playing "Discs of Tron" and "Tron" in the arcades. I have a Game Boy Advance. The aforementioned games are included in Tron 2.0 Killer App for the Game Boy Advance. I saw the movie and It's a must for hardcore video game lovers like myself. Now THIS is how all movies that involve video game use should be made.
                            16 years, 2 months ago
                            disney whatever you been smoking on back in the day thats some good [email protected]#& for making a winner
                              16 years, 4 months ago
                              Shitty movie, great CGI.
                                16 years, 4 months ago
                                One of those wierd religious movies. Trust me, it's a religious movie.
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