Evil Dead 2
Release: March 13, 1987
Release: March 13, 1987

A remake/sequel to the original sees reluctant and inept hero Ash and a different Linda going to a cabin in the woods. Linda is possessed by an evil in the woods and Ash cuts the relationship short. Now he must spend the rest of the night fighting zombies, trees, insanity, and his hand. Although more slapstick than the original, it is superior in every sense and would greatly influence future filmmaking.

Henrietta (after being possessed by a demon): "Someone's in my fruit cellar. Someone with a fresh soul."
Linda (after being possessed by a demon): "Yes! Your love was a lie!! And now she burns in Hell!"
Ash: "You're going down. Chainsaw."
Ash: "[talking to mirror] I'm fine. I'm fine."
Mirror Ash: "[Mirror Ash jumps out and grabs the real Ash] I don't think so. We just cut up our girlfriend with a chainsaw. Does that sound... "fine"?"
ash: "ahhhhhhhhh how do you stop this thing ?"
Ash: "You're goin' down! -Ash"
Ash: "Groovy. -Ash"
Ash: "This is muh Boom Stick!! -Ash"
Ash: "Who's laughing now?!? -Ash"
Ash: "Swallow this! -Ash"
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