Smokey and the Bandit
Release: May 19, 1977

Sheriff Buford "Smokey" T. Justice (Jackie Gleason), is the prospective father-in-law of unwilling bride Carrie (Sally Field). The Bandit (Burt Reynolds), a maverick race car driver, makes an $80,000 bet that he can transport a shipment of Coors beer from Texarkana, Texas to Atlanta within 28 hours. It's important to note that in 1977, it was illegal to sell the Coors brand east of the Mississippi River without a permit. If we don't note that, then the plot won't make sense at times. Already in danger of arrest from redneck lawmen like Smokey, the Bandit furthers his chances at a stiff jail term when he offers Carrie a ride, and she hopes to escape her unwanted wedding to Justice's boy. The rest of the film is one long chase, which is not quite as subtle as a Road Runner/Wile E. Coyote cartoon, and not quite as restrained as a Three Stooges short. Universally panned by critics upon its first release, it reaped close to $50 million at the box office and led to two sequels.

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Buford T. Justice: "(shouting at a trucker that has sheered a door off of Justice's patrol car) "I saw that, you sombitch! You did that on purpose! You're going away till you're gray!""
Buford T. Justice: "Give me a diablo sandwich, a Dr. Pepper, and make it quick, I'm in a god-damn hurry!"
Alabama State Trooper: "Did you see that? They went right through our roadblock!"
Buford T. Justice: "You som'bitches couldn't close an umbrella!"
Buford T. Justice: "Do what I say you pile a' monkey nuts!"
Buford T. Justice: "Nobody, and I mean NOBODY makes Sheriff Buford T. Justice look like a possum's pecker."
Junior: "My hat blew off, daddy."
Buford T. Justice: "I hope your goddamn head was in it!"
Buford T. Justice: "This happens every time one of these floozies starts poontangin' around with those show folk fags."
Junior: "(waiting for the funeral procession) "Damn, he had a lot of friends, didn't he?""
Buford T. Justice: "If they'd a cremated the sum-bitch. I could be kickin' that Mr. Bandit's ass around the moon by now."
Buford T. Justice: "Duck or you're going to be losing a head!"
Snowman: "Is she wearing a wedding dress?"
Bandit: "She was"
Snowman: "What she wearing now? Her mind?"
Snowman: "You can't drive a forklift"
Bandit: "I can drive any forking thing I like"
Sheriff: "You can think about it...but don't do it! -Sheriff"
The Bandit: "Look over your right shoulder. -The Bandit"
Sheriff: "When we get home remind me to punch your momma in the mouth! -Sheriff"
Sheriff: "There is no way, No! Way! you come from my lions, When we get home remind me to punch your momma in the mouth. -Sheriff"
Sherrif's son: "Daddy, the top came off! -Sherrif's son"
Sheriff Justice: "I ain't got time for that crap!" "You tick turd!! -Sheriff Justice"
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