He-Man and She-Ra: A Christmas Special
Release: May 01, 1985
Release: May 01, 1985

In this special Christmas episode of the He-Man and She-Ra cartoons, their sidekick Orko accidentally gets beamed to Earth during a test of a new spy satellite. Orko manages to get back Planet Eternia, but brings along two Earth children, Alisha and Manuel, with him. Since it's Christmastime on Earth, the kids are naturally filled with the holiday spirit, but this overflowing goodwill attracts the unwelcome attention of the Horde Prime and Skeletor. Will the combined power of He-Man, She-Ra and the spirit of Christmas be enough to stop them?

14 years, 1 month ago
I agree MajorGeekerton! Skeletor and Christmas sprirt....HAHAHA! I love both He-Man and She-Ra. My cousin used to make fun of She-Ra. He called her Pee-Ra to make me mad. When we played He-Man, I always had to be Skeletor and the bad guys.
    14 years, 3 months ago
    There is nothing in this world funnier than Skeletor discovering his Christmas spirit. Nothing!
      14 years, 3 months ago
      This is out on dvd and can be picked up at best buy for like 7 bucks. Theres a totally hilarious scene where skelator is walking through the snow with these 2 kids and he's trying not to catch the christmas spirit.
        14 years, 6 months ago
        I remember this one- two kids from Earth somehow accidentally end up on Eternia. Had it on video taped off of TV for years.
          14 years, 11 months ago
          I owned this at one time.
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