Release: August 02, 1985
Release: August 02, 1985

One of the masters of horror, Italian horror director Dario Argento (SUSPIRIA, TENEBRE) brings us a horror film that lies within telepathic minds, witnessing murder when sleepwalking, and insects. Jennifer Corvino (Jennifer Connolly, LABYRINTH) is sent by her father, a famous television and film actor, to a expensive private board school while he is on location to film his next project. She stays with her friend Sophie. Jennifer has been sleepwalking for quite a bit recently, can communicate with insects and bugs, and is having problems with the staff and students at the school. She meets a Scottish doctor, Professor John McGregor (Donald Pleasance, HALLOWEEN) and his pet, Tonga, a chimpanzee. He alerts Jennifer about a serial killer who is after teenaged girls her own age, and helps him investigate. Soon, the killer is after her new friends, and is now the next target of the killer. Co-starring Daria Nicolodi (DEEP RED), Patrick Bauchau (A VIEW TO KILL) and Fiore Argento (DEMONS). In 1986, the film was edited for the United States release of the film, and was retitled to "Creepers", and the the film was released by New Line Cinema, fresh off of releasing "A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET", a box office smash. The film was released on VHS courtesy of Media Home Entertainment, New Line Home Video and Video Treasures under "Creepers", and the uncut film, Phenomena, was released on DVD by Anchor Bay Entertainment. This was stated by Dario Argento that this was one of his favorite pieces of work, and I definately agree. "Jennifer has a few million close friends, and she's going to need them all." -CREEPERS 1986 tagline

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