George of the Jungle
Release: July 16, 1997
Release: July 16, 1997

Baby George got into a plane crash in a jungle, stayed alive and was adopted by a wise ape. Ursula Stanhope, US noble woman is saved from death on safari by grown-up George, and he takes her to jungle to live with him. He slowly learns a rules of human relationships, while Ursula's lover Lyle is looking for her and the one who took her. After they are found, Ursula takes George to the USA.

Ursula: "Mommy make that monkey stop talking."
Ape: "Perhaps I should refrain from speaking as it seams to upset her."
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George: "Something funny about this fella."
Ape: "She's not a fella George. She's a woman. The female of your species."
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George: "When Lion brush last?"
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Ape: "George's secret. Hmm. There's the shortest book ever written."
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Ape: "Ladies and gentlemen I give you the king of the jungle."
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Crowd: "Aww..."
Narrator: "I said 'awe': A-W-E!"
Crowd: "Ooh..."
Narrator: "That's better!"
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11 years ago
Severely underrated by all means.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the king of the jungle."
    12 years, 1 month ago
    It's sad that this movie seems to have been almost completely forgotten. Such a great movie...
      13 years, 10 months ago
      I remember our neighbors came over everyday to watch this movie. My family got so annoyed of it that we just gave them the movie. XD
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