Dream a Little Dream
Release: March 03, 1989
Release: March 03, 1989

An unfortunate bike accident leaves the minds of an elderly man and a young teenager swapped over - and the teenager uses the mind of the elderly man to win the girl of his dreams. An excellent comedy with a superb cast and is certainly well worth watching if you get a chance.

Bobby: "I'm in love."
Dinger: "That could be a problem."
Dinger: "Sir this is my IOU homework. IOU homework"
Bobby's Dad: "Ohh. No milk… No cookies… Nothing!"
Dinger: "Why am I running? I have a broken leg"
Dinger: "What was the heh sound bobby?"
Bobby: "Heh, that's the way I laugh. You know, Heh"
Dinger: "What the hell is Heh? Why can't you laugh like a man?"
Shelley: "Some accidents aren't accidents. God punishes people, and you should remember that."
Dinger: "Wow, I always thought SAT meant Saturday Afternoon Test. What is up? -Dinger"
Bobby: "When you're young, every little thing seems so big. -Bobby"
Joel: "I'm every girl's type. -Joel"
Bobby: "Usually when you pack, moving tends to follow. -Bobby"
Bobby: "Forget it, it's before your time. -Bobby"
Bobby: "I like it here... it's... Dreamy, if you catch my drift. Heh heh! -Bobby"
Lainie: "Thank you for a frightening, confusing, strange and dangerous time. -Lainie"
Dinger: "Yeah, me Dinger, you Bobby. Me look cool, you look like shit, pal. That's okay, we'll make it a fashion statement. -Dinger"
Dinger: "I should be at the dance. I was at the dance. Dancing perfectly. With a hot chick. She wanted me. I know she wanted me. Well every girl wants me. But instead I'm sitting out here freezing my ass off in some butt-ugly red Mustang."
Dinger: "Why does everything you say have to revolve around sex? Why… Why are you so perverted?"
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