Girls Just Want To Have Fun
Release: April 12, 1985
Release: April 12, 1985

Janey Glenn (Sarah Jessica Parker) is an Army Brat who loves to dance. When she moves to a new town, she meets a fellow dance enthusiast named Lynne Stone (Helen Hunt) at the parochial school she attends. Although they have many difficulties with authority figures and other teenage issues, they achieve success on the show "Dance TV". This is another 80s movie that's been damned as cheesy and corny...Even by the people who enjoy it. This is one of those movies that can determine what type of an 80s person you are. I would recommend seeing it and then making your own judgments.

Drew: "(Jeff is pushing Drew's old, corroded, smoking, brown Mercedes until the engine will start up) You don't understand that this car makes a statement."
Jeff: "Yeah, it says, 'Hi, I'm garbage.'"
Natalie: "My shrink is right - I'm unloved, unappreciated, I only have one car..."
Lynne: "(to Janey) Do you do everything you're told?... oh, God. You do."
Col. Glenn: "[Janey is asking her father for permission to audition for DTV] You're too young to go out at night, except for the occasional supervised school activity. When you're eighteen, then you're entitled to some nightlife. Now we had a deal, remember?"
Janey: "We made a deal when I was seven and a half and night life was The Muppet Show!"
Col. Glenn: "Don't sass me!"
Janey: "I'm sorry, sir."
Janey: "If I win I'm going to be on TV alright?"
Col. Glenn: "Negative!"
Janey: "Do you have a date or something?"
Lynne: "No I wish, I just know I must be horny."
Janey: "(about a motorcycle) Is it safe?"
Drew: "It's the safest thing you'll ever have between your legs."
Janey: "What?"
Drew, Jeff: "Nothing!"
Sister Immaculata: "Stay away from him, he's a boy!"
Maggie: "Sorry, I needed the phone."
Jeff: "Why, the cabbage patch mothers are having a PTA meeting?"
Natalie: "Excuse me! Do either one of you have change for a twenty?"
Janey: "(sarcastically) Gosh, I dont' have anything smaller than a fifty."
Janey: "(Janey looks at Jeff as if asking him if he has change) Sorry."
Natalie: "My Loss. Have fun."
Jeff: "So I tried to call you yesterday... to see if you wanted to reherse, I mean."
Janey: "Oh, ummm... well my dad made us all go to the airshow."
Jeff: "Was it fun?"
Janey: "200 people standing around like this (looks up at the sky and sarcastically says)"
Janey: "It was a blast!"
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