Road Trip
Release: May 11, 2000
Release: May 11, 2000

Set in a fictional University in Ithaca, New York Road Trip is the story of Josh Parker,(Breckin Meyer) and his ex girlfriend Tiffany Henderson(Rachel Blanchard). Josh and Tiffany had known each other since they were kids. After Tiffany moves away and enrolls at the University of Texas(Austin) Josh decides to maintain to keep a long distance relationship much to the chagrin of best friend E.L.(Sean William Scott) Trying to convince Josh get over Tiffany and move on, One night at a party E.L hooks Josh up with the luscious and sexy Beth Wagner (played by Amy Smart). Josh and Beth make a illicit and somewhat private video in which Josh accidentally mails to his ex girlfriend down in Texas. Afraid Tiffany might see it Josh and his friends now must travel 1800 miles to retrieve that tape and three days before his Mid-Term exams. Since this is a comedy there are hilarious perils and obstacles along the way.

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