The Girl Most Likely to...
Release: January 01, 1973
Release: January 01, 1973

Stockard Channing (GREASE, "The West Wing") stars as ugly duckling Miriam Knight, who is continuously mistreated by her peers at the college where she recently enrolled. But after a car accident, she has to undergo life-changing plastic surgery, which results in a drastic transformation. Miriam, now a looker, decides to exact revenge upon her peers... while being pursued by an inept Detective ("Lou Grant"'s Ed Asner). This outragous black comedy, co-written by a then-relatively unknown Joan Rivers (foreshadowing her plastic surgery obsession) premiered as a Movie-of-the-Week in November, 1973. It garnered good ratings and was rerun often over the next two decades. It's now available on DVD from MGM Home Entertainment.

Miriam: "All my life I've been looking for a man who would love me... for my mind. -Miriam"
Veroni: "I never figured on the old exploding 8-ball trick. -Veroni"
Miriam: "Guess he got behind the 8-ball. -Miriam"
Priest: "He is up there in that big bathroom in the sky. -Priest"
Priest: "It hurts all of us to see such a life go, as one might say, down the drain. -Priest"
Miriam: "The one mistake I made was to go to Herman's funeral. -Miriam"
Miriam: "Live by the sword. Die by the sword. -Miriam"
Herman: "This is no way for a plumber to end his days! -Herman"
Herman: "Miriam, is this the way you were gonna take care of me? -Herman"
Miriam: "I'll go to the Yellow Pages and let my fingers do the walking! -Miriam"
Miriam: "Tread water, darling. I'll go for help. -Miriam"
Herman: "You're entirely new! You've been remodeled. I've seen it done to a toilet before, but never to a person! -Herman"
Housemother: "How could he ever find the killer? He can't even find the door! -Housemother"
Veroni: "The case is airtight, but what a break for me. It'll give me a chance to solve the perfect crime. -Veroni"
Veroni: "Moose, Heidi, the doctor, were all killed by the same mysterious woman -- a very clever operator, a super-criminal! -Veroni"
Lee Ann: "What we're trying to tell you is, it's not like we lost a good friend. -Lee Ann"
Veroni & Jenny: "Veroni: Is there anyone who would have wanted to see Heidi Murphy killed? Jenny: Oh, everyone! -Veroni & Jenny"
Miriam: "I'm sorry, she just dropped out of sight! -Miriam"
Heidi: "Look, I have only so many good years to catch a rich husband, so could you hurry up and tell me what you want? -Heidi"
Coach: "At half-time, the marching band is gonna form a coffin. -Coach"
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